Ajooni 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 12th December 2022

Episode starts with Bebe says that Shikha is new lady so Shikha ought to light diya of house sanctuary today. Shikha performs aarti. She vows to give her child to Aman. Aman embraces Shikha. Shikha sneers seeing Ajooni. Ajooni goes to her room and cries reviewing the new occurrences. Rajveer asks her that what occurred. She lets him know that her endeavors have been demolished and she can do nothing. She says that even Aman got caught by Shikha now. He tells her that everybody isn’t like her. He says that Aman need to become mother from numerous years so that’s what shikha exploited. He adds that they can do nothing in light of the fact that Aman acknowledged Shikha. She lets him know that Shikha is beguiling Aman. He tells her that they can’t help other people generally and let others face their own conflict. He makes her grin and she embraces him.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

On the other hand, Bebe acclaims Shikha and Aman’s bond. She says that she is happy they acknowledged one another. She advises Aman to assist Shikha with preparing for muh dikayi custom. She gets some information about the gold bangle which she requested for Shikha. Aman tells her that she kept that bangle in the storage. Bebe advises Shikha to cook in pehli rasoi and she advises Chamko to help Shikha. Shikha requests that Aman help her. She takes elderly folks gifts and takes Aman to the kitchen. She imagines like she cut her finger. She counterfeit cries saying that how she will cook today. Aman requests that she not stress since she will cook. Shikha takes storage key from Aman and leaves from that point. She opens the storage and takes the bangle.Meanwhile, Ravinder advises Bebe that nothing passed on to talk. Bebe lets him know that she need to see her incredible grandkid before she kicks the bucket. She says that she anticipate nothing from Ajooni and cries. He advises her to be cautious in Shikha’s matter. Shikha comes there and says that lunch is prepared. Bebe requests that Ravinder have food. Ravinder leaves the room. Bebe grins at Shikha.


Later, Bebe acclaims about Shikha to visitors. Shikha comes there. Visitors says that Shikha is delightful. Bebe says that they ought to start the custom. She requests that Aman bring the bangle. Aman understands that storage key is missing and she tells about it to Bebe. Bebe requests that she get one more key from her room. She requests that Ajooni bring tea for visitors. Ajooni comes there with tea caddy and Cart makes Ajooni drop the plate. Bebe reprimands Ajooni and requests that she clean it.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni says that she took nothing and it should be Shikha’s arrangement. She requests that Bebe search Shikha’s room. Bebe says that they will look through Ajooni’s room first. Ajooni gets stunned seeing that.

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