Ajooni 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 13th December 2022

Episode starts with Ajooni cleans the floor. Cart and Shikha grins seeing that. Aman lets Bebe know that bangles are absent. Bebe takes Aman inside and reprimands her. She takes Aman’s bangles. Ajooni attempts to stop Bebe. Bebe cautions them to keep quiet until the ceremonial moves past. She gives the bangles to Shikha. After some time, Ajooni lets Aman know that the last option shouldn’t confide in Shikha. Aman says that she will get child from Shikha. Ajooni tells her that Shikha is misleading her. She inquires as to whether Shikha becomes malkin later on.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Next day, Rajveer finds storage key in his room and he ponders that what is it doing there. Bebe says that storage key has been tracked down in Rajveer’s room. Harman chides Ajooni for taking storage key. Ajooni says that she took nothing and Shikha should be behind it. Shikha asks Bebe that for what valid reason she will take the storage key when those bangles purchased for her. She says that Ajooni did all that to approach Aman. Rajveer says that he trust Ajooni. Ajooni requests that Bebe actually take a look at Shikha’s room. Bebe says that she will actually take a look at Ajooni’s room first. Everybody goes to Ajooni’s room and they tracks down bangles there. Ajooni gets stunned seeing that. Bebe admonishes Ajooni and chooses to rebuff her. Ajooni says that she didn’t take bangles. Bebe is going to consume Ajooni’s hand yet Rajveer stops Bebe. He says that Ajooni is honest and somebody is outlining her. Harman lets him know that Ajooni is theif and he shouldn’t save Ajooni today. Shikha requests that Bebe not rebuff Ajooni or probably Ajooni will call Karuna in the future and she don’t need her family’s picture get demolished. She says that she prevailed upon Aman that is the reason in envy Ajooni did this. She requests that Ajooni not do this way. Ajooni requests that she quit acting. She lets Bebe know that they shouldn’t confide in Shikha. Bebe cautions her to not express a word against Shikha. Ajooni heads inside. Rajveer follows her.


Bebe chastens Aman and gives the storage key to her. Shikha gets stunned seeing that. Bebe says that Shikha is malkin from today. She arranges Aman to give the storage key to Shikha. Aman is going to give the storage key to Shikha yet Ravinder stops them. He says that it has not been demonstrated that Shikha can deal with the obligation. He takes the storage key from Aman. He requests that Shikha cook lamb curry like yesterday. Shikha gets frightened hearing him. She requests that Aman help her. They goes to the kitchen. Harman is going to follow them however Ravinder stops her and follows them. He says that Shikha needs to cook lamb curry. He asks recipe from Shikha. She gets stunned hearing him.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Episode closes.

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