Ajooni 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 15th December 2022

Episode starts with Rajveer reviews the new occurrences which includes Ajooni and Shikha. He lets his companions know that Ajooni previously endured such a huge amount because of his family and presently Shikha upsetting Ajooni. His companion lets Rajveer know that the last option and Ajooni are not having an ordinary hitched existence. He says that they didn’t even went for special first night. Rajveer concurs with him. He says that they are caught in family issues from the time their marriage happened however not any longer. He chooses to contemplate him and Ajooni.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

On the other hand, Ajooni reviews that how Shikha charged her. Rajveer comes there and notification that Ajooni is upset. She cries. He requests that she not include in Shikha and Aman’s issues and allow them to do anything they desires to do. She lets him know that regardless of whether she disregards Shikha nothing will change on the grounds that Shikha is that way. He concurs with her. He tells her that they will go out to get to know one another. He says that this time their arrangement won’t tumble. He wipes her tears and embraces her.Mangi Slam lets Ravinder know that the last option didn’t hit up party office so Sethi called. Ravinder lets him know that legislative issues occurring in the house as well. He says that Shikha is demon yet his relatives are dealing with her like a holy messenger. Mangi Slam lets him know that he will deal with processing plant matters and requests that he center around party. Ravinder orders him to watch out for Shikha. Mangi Smash gestures at him.


Ajooni discovers that Shikha sent milk for Aman. Chamko gives milk to Aman saying that Shikha sent it. Ajooni tracks down advance notice note which expresses that there is poison in the milk. She hurries to Aman’s room and prevents Aman from polishing off the milk. Aman asks Ajooni that what occurred. Ajooni tells her beginning and end and shows the admonition note. Aman drops the note in shock. Ajooni says that she won’t keep quiet this time and she takes Aman to Ravinder.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Later, Ajooni claims that there is poison in the milk. She goes to bring note. Bebe expresses that there won’t be any note. Aman says that she saw the note. Ajooni understands that note is missing and she tells about it to Ravinder. Bebe says that Ajooni is lying. Ajooni says that she found the note in pressed garments and Shikha sent that milk for Aman. Chamko says that she gave milk to Aman yet she don’t realize there was poison in it.

Shikha says that she can’t endure any longer. She adds that Ajooni doing this on the grounds that Aman acknowledged her. She lets Harvinder know that she will get back to her home. Harvinder advises Ravinder to toss Ajooni out of the house for making issues consistently. Rajveer and Harvinder gets into a contention. They holds each other’s collar.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder requests that Shikha drink the milk in the event that it’s not noxious milk then.

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