Ajooni 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 16th December 2022

Episode starts with Ravinder stops Rajveer and Harvinder’s battle. He advises them that they are siblings not canines. Rajveer tells Ravinder that Harvinder is rambling about Ajooni. He says that Ajooni did nothing off-base except for everybody faults her for everything. He adds that Ajooni defended herself generally. Ravinder says that show isn’t new in his home. He derides his children. He approaches them and requests that they not get caught in women matter. He says that battle happens consistently because of women. He inquires as to whether she is guaranteeing that Shikha blended poison in the milk. Ajooni gestures at him.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

He inquires as to whether there is poison in the milk. Shikha shook her head. He requests that she drink the milk in the event that it’s not noxious milk then. Bebe asks Ravinder that what’s happening with he. Harman tells Ravinder that Shikha is pregnant and imagine a scenario where something happened to the child. Harvinder tells Shikha to not drink the milk. Ravinder requests that Shikha drink the milk and Shikha drinks it and smriks. Shikha says that nothing happened to her since there is no toxin in the milk.Ravinder slaps Rajveer. He requests that Ajooni call Karuna. He says that he will rebuff Rajveer rather than Ajooni. Ajooni comes clean with him that she told about advance notice note. He says that he shouldn’t have confided in Ajooni. He reproves Aman for allowing Harvinder to wed Shikha and trusting Ajooni. He insults his children. Harvinder says that Shikha effectively defended herself so Ajooni merits discipline. Ravinder says that he understand everything he needs to do and says to everybody to go to their room. He lets Bebe know that everything occurring because of Shikha. Bebe advises him to fault Ajooni.


Ravinder takes Rajveer with him. He lets him know that he dealt with such countless issues in the party. Rajveer lets him know that Ajooni confronted such a great amount without taking any kind of action wrong. He advises him that about the assaults which occurred with Ajooni. He says that Ajooni didn’t lie about advance notice note. Ravinder inquires as to whether the last option has any confirmation against Shikha. He says that he realize Shikha isn’t blameless however without verification they can’t do anything.

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Shikha considers her mom and tells her that she will show a thing or two to Ajooni and nobody can toss her out of the house. Cart hears all that and goes into the room. Shikha imagines like guiltless. Cart requests that she not get frightened on the grounds that their objective is same which is tossing Ajooni out of the house. They chooses to work together.

Ravinder tells Rajveer that Ajooni is an informed young lady however she would rather not assume liability. Rajveer lets him know that he is taking Ajooni out for get-away. Ravinder says that Rajveer is a decent spouse. After some time, Rajveer educates Ajooni concerning their excursion. Ajooni consents to go. She goes to Aman and requests that she call in the event that the last option dealt with any issue. She derides Shikha for getting pregnant before marriage. Shikha is going to slap Ajooni yet Ajooni holds Shikha’s hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer and Ajooni leaves for get-away. Somebody follows Rajveer’s car.

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