Ajooni 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 17th December 2022

Episode starts with Ajooni cautions Shikha to not recurrent the error or, more than likely she will break her hand. Shikha inquires as to whether the last option is shrewd then. Ajooni advises her to take off from the house before she returns. She cautions her to not hurt Aman. She requests that Aman deal with herself. Then again, Rajveer lets his companion know that he isn’t understanding that the way in which he will propose Ajooni. His companion advices him to utilize old method. Rajveer plans to propose Ajooni with rose. He works on proposing Ajooni. Ajooni comes there. Rajveer’s companion takes the rose from Rajveer and runs from that point. Rajveer and Ajooni gets in the car.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Bebe admonishes Aman for committing error in the kitchen. Aman tells her that she switch off the gas certainly. Bebe slaps Aman. Shikha requests that Bebe not slap Aman. She says that Aman would have fail to remember it in rush. Aman begins cleaning the kitchen. Cart insults Aman. Shikha advises Aman to take rest saying that she will clean everything. Aman goes to her room and ponders that how it worked out. She gets stunned seeing blood on the bed. She goes to corridor and lets everybody know that she saw dead feline in her room.Everyone goes to her room yet tracks down nothing. Aman says that she truly saw dead feline. Bebe says that seems like Aman began dreaming at morning. Harvinder says that Aman acting like a distraught individual. Aman lets Ravinder know that she truly saw dead feline. Shikha requests that Aman take rest. Ravinder requests that she quit acting. Bebe says that it’s Aman’s error. Cart says that Aman neglected to switch off the gas as well. Ravinder expresses that there is blood on Aman’s hand so she isn’t lying.


Shikha sees variety jug and says that it’s not blood on Aman’s hand. Bebe says that Aman is making them fool. Aman feels bleary eyed and cries. Ravinder says that he will figure out everything. That’s what he adds on the off chance that anything happened to Aman then he won’t extra Shikha and leaves from there.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Meanwhile, somebody follows Rajveer’s vehicle. Rajveer imagines that he shouldn’t get terrified to propose Ajooni. He lets Ajooni know that they ought to become guardians as quickly as time permits. He stops the vehicle when she didn’t respond. He understands that she is utilizing earphones to hear melodies. She asks him that for what valid reason he halted the vehicle. He shook his head and starts driving.

Aman serves food to Harvinder. She picks a call and gets stunned hearing Harvinder’s voice. She sees that Harvinder is eating still. She lets Harvinder know that she heard his voice from opposite side. Ravinder asks her that what has been going on with her. Harvinder says that Aman is doing this to inconvenience him. Bebe says that they ought to concede Aman in the psychological medical clinic. Ravinder advises Cart to take Aman to her room. Rajveer stops the vehicle to purchase tea from street side guy.

Episode ends.

Precap – That person hijacks Ajooni. Rajveer runs behind the car.

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