Ajooni 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 19th December 2022

Episode starts with a secretive man hijacks Ajooni and the last option shouts for help. That’s what rajveer sees and runs behind the vehicle. He gets in the vehicle and beat that baffling man and vehicle hit on the tree. Rajveer beat that strange man. He attempts to see his face by eliminating the veil however the last option runs from that point. He embraces Ajooni and guarantees her that she is fine. Then again, Aman goes into her room. She opens the pantry and gets stunned seeing Harvinder’s dead body. She calls everybody and runs from the room.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Rajveer and Ajooni arrives at the hotel. He sees that she is anxious and tells her that all is great. She asks him that for what valid reason that man attempted to seize her. He tells her that that man should be one of their adversary and she is protected at this point. He illuminates her that he sent vehicle number to his companion so soon they will figure out that who is that man. Director comes there and advises them to go to initially floor. Secretive man sees them.Aman lets Ravinder know that somebody killed Harvinder. Bebe says that Aman is making new story. Aman takes everybody to her room yet sees as nobody there. She says that Harvinder was there as it were. Harman and Bebe reproves Aman. Aman says that she truly saw Harvinder in the pantry. She adds that she isn’t distraught. She look through Harvinder and she gets assuage seeing Harvinder alive. She asks him that for what reason he tricked her. Harvinder says that Aman is talking like frantic individual. He asks that what occurred. Shikha tells him everything.


Bebe tells Ravinder that Aman is blathering these days. Ravinder requests that she quiet down. He says that these occurrences shouldn’t leave the house since, supposing that Karuna got to be aware of it then all that will be demolished. He illuminates his family that he is going to Chandigarh for two days and he will deal with everything once he returns. He advises Shikha to deal with Aman. He says that he won’t extra Shikha in the event that she upset Aman, and leaves from that point. Shikha takes Aman inside. Cart and Harvinder grins at each other.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

In the retreat, Rajveer embraces Ajooni and he discusses their battle meeting ( Title tune plays behind the scenes ). He advises her that how she wouldn’t acknowledge his gift. She inquires as to whether he recollect that still. He says that he remember all that which includes her. He advises her to shut her eyes. She shuts her eyes. He says that she shouldn’t cheat and takes a bundle. He advises her to open her eyes. She gets amazed seeing gift and says that she will wear it and heads inside. He feels that he ought to propose her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni gets stunned seeing cover man. Rajveer gets back to room and sees as nobody there. Ajooni shouts for help in the locked room.

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