Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Ali saying regardless of what happens he will ensure Nazia sees Kasim’s body for one final time. Mariam follows Ali when he leaves. Criminals search for the dead group of Kasim and talk about that the performer will be close to the body as it were. They will get him. Mariam conceals seeing the criminals and gets apprehensive after they come near her. However, they don’t see her. She again goes to find Ali yet the criminals return once more and discuss killing every one individuals here to bring the entertainer. Mariam gets stunned to hear that. Ali notices the hoodlums are holding back to get him. He figures how to divert them. He discards a stone and figures how to satisfy Nazia’s desire. He says he will take help from somebody who will assist him with playing out Kasim’s last ceremony custom in a fabulous way.

Written Update Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul Today Episode

Ali meets the individual in friend in need’s outfit and looks for help to play out the last ritual for Kasim. The individual feels grateful towards Ali saying he is behaving like Kasim’s actual sibling and he will clearly help him. Ali advises him to blindfold himself as the individual can’t see where he is taking him to. Mariam sees hero is taking the individual to some place. She ponders where are they going. Criminals come to Ali and the individual however they can’t see them. Ali reviews how they became undetectable with the enchanted’s assistance to stow away from the criminals. Ali arrives at the mystery place and the individual sees Kasim subsequent to eliminating the cover from his eyes. Ali advises the individual to plan for the last ceremonies of Kasim. Ali gets crippled seeing Kasim.Kasim’s body is ready for the last rituals with legitimate customs. That’s what mariam observes and gets miserable. She thinks why friend in need is doing it for Kasim. She says she will get familiar with the genuine character of the hero today. She goes towards Ali and the last option hears her strides. He stows away from her right away and she ponders where did he vanish? Ali shows up behind her and alerts her about the cheats. He says she isn’t protected so she ought to return home at this point. He tells her not to stress for Kasim and he will get a legitimate burial service. He leaves and Mariam thinks why she feels associated with the guardian angel. After the arrangements Ali takes the individual out and he advises Ali to bring a few stuffs which he failed to remember inside. Ali goes and the individual imprints something on the entryway in his nonattendance. That’s what mariam sees. She attempts to know whats his goals behind leaving the imprint? That individual leaves and she chooses to follow him. Hoodlums meet the individual and the last option says he took care of their business. Criminals tell that the guardian angel is caught by them. Mariam hears their discussion. The individual says he drew an imprint on the way to distinguish the spot. That’s what cheats discover and Mariam comprehends the purpose for the mark.

Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul

Precap-Nazia gets profound seeing the dead group of Kasim and thanks the guardian angel for his approval. She says he ought to have been Kasim’s sibling rather than Ali. Hoodlums come to the place.


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