Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Ali transforms into hero to enter the Saahi Sadak. He applies an enchantment on a delightful lady so the men of imperial road gets drawn to her. Ali enters the regal road by making use advantage. Mariam requests Poya’s assistance to converse with the deliverer. Poya says it is quite difficult. He wants to think and he wants delectable nourishment for that as well. Mariam goes to bring food and Alifi questions him. Poya behaves like having cerebral pain. Ali searches for the hint tracks down nothing in Abdali’s room. Zia Abdali returns and Ali hides.

Written Update Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul Today Episode

Abdali gets terrified seeing scorpion and leaves the room. Ali moves away a few seats and gets unfilled sound under the floor. He gets amplifying glass and gets confounded figuring how it will assist him with killing the criminals. Criminals caution the Kabul Shahi individuals and request that Saddam come before them. Saddam behaves like an everyday person rubs a few remains on himself. He hears a few laborers are discussing him. Saddam vapor and afterward he behaves like debilitated seeing the hoodlums. Hoodlums leave. He figures how to dispose of them.Ali considers how to utilize the glass. He hears two men’s discussion and obtains some much needed education that one thing can be utilized for some reasons. He tracks down a little chit inside the glass. He peruses a message which says water, land and so forth. He likewise sees a sign and thinks what is going on with that. He abruptly sees impression of stream on the mirror. He reviews he used to visit the stream with his dad in adolescence. He says he can get some data there. Mariam takes care of Poya and requests that he converse with the deliverer. There Garifa additionally converses with the Parbaaz public saying he can converse with the friend in need and can anticipate everybody’s future. That’s what nafi sees and illuminates Mariam, Alifi and Poya about that.

Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul

Alifi defies Poya that for what reason did he lie to them about the guardian angel. Poya says Garifa is deceiving individuals. Since he just has the ability to converse with the friend in need not every person. Nothing surprising there. Mariam gets dubious and says in the event that he and Ali are concealing something from her. Poya says not at all like that however Garifa is imagining. They go to check and Mariam says she needs to converse with hero to be aware of the hoodlums’ next plan. Garifa advises individuals to seek clarification on some things. One man gets some information about on the off chance that he will get back his gems from the hoodlums. Garifa lies that he will receive it back however consequently he needs to give numerous things to other people. Garifa predicts that another man will before long meet his darling. The man’s better half admonishes him. Mariam gains from a courier that Saddam took off from the royal residence and criminals grabbed the privileged position. Mariam thinks it implies Saddam and cheats are not companions any longer. She requests that Poya call the friend in need assuming he truly can converse with him. Poya feels apprehensive and surmises his area arbitrarily. Ali shows up and Mariam thinks it implies Poya isn’t lying.

Ali Baba Dastaan E Kabul Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Precap-Nafi expects that Saddam may be in Parbaaz as he saw same signs of two men. Mariam feels something similar. Saddam enters the Parbaaz.

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