Anupama 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 12th December 2022

In the present episode, Leela packs tiffin for Adhik. Anupama asks Leela for what valid reason Pakhi is remaining at Shah house. Leela says it is great Pakhi is remaining with them. Anupama says however anybody inquired as to whether he prefers Pakhi’s presence in the Shah house. Leela requests that Anupama not trouble as she will deal with her home. Anupama against Pakhi remaining at Shah house. Leela requests that Anupama center around her home rather than Shah house. Anupama over hears Pakhi and Adhik’s discussion. Adhik asks Pakhi for what reason she can’t wash utensils. Pakhi says she can’t wash chaotic dishes. She requests to buy dish washer. Adhik says he got her clothes washer yet she makes her grandma and Kavya washing their garments. Pakhi says on the off chance that Leela can wash her material than why not his. Adhik shares with Pakhi that she has totally lost it. He features she additionally made Hasmuk iron his garments. Pakhi says Hasmuk was squeezing his garments in this way she gave his shirt to press too.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Pakhi contends with Adhik. Adhik shares with Pakhi that she has put on weight sitting inactive at home. Pakhi requests that Adhik not body disgrace her. Adhik leaves the spot. Pakhi says she can’t become like Anupama. Anupama stands staggered. Kavya and Kinjal wish Anupama makes Pakhi understand.Anupama chats with Pakhi and attempts to persuade her to finish her investigations for her future. Pakhi asks Anupama not to address her. Anupama requests that Pakhi become capable as finally. She asks Pakhi not to help love rather she ought to esteem Adhik’s adoration. Leela side Pakhi. Anupama asks Leela not to ruin Pakhi by supporting her wrong doing. Leela requests that Anupama center around Dimple and let them be. Anupama think she attempted to persuade Pakhi with adoration yet she is driving her to cause her to comprehend otherway. Hasmuk requests that Anupama not stress and relax.


Anuj slams Adhik for being indiscreet towards his work. Adhik consider on the grounds that his private matter with Pakhi, his expert life is languishing. Anupama quiet Anuj. Anuj says they can’t bear the cost of misfortune in view of Adhik. Anupama learn Anu and Dimple is doing Christmas celebration.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Pakhi and Adhik both hang tight for sorry message. Anupama reveres Anuj while last option blow up on his representative. Leela requests that Samar avoid Dimple. Samar protects Dimple. Anupama asks Anuj what is irritating him. Anuj gets pissed post losing a significant venture. He lament for disregarding office work. Adhik went ballistic seeing something. Barkha guarantee Anuj isn’t disturbed exclusively about losing the undertaking and says it is something different. Anupama choose to get Anuj far from house issues. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anupama grumbling Anuj about chatting with Pakhi. Anuj choose to move away from Anupama and her responsibility.

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