Anupama 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 19th December 2022

In the present episode, Anupama illuminates Adhik that she is going out traveling with Anu. Adhik says the senior sisters are consistently developed however for their situation it is opposite. He requests that Anupama appreciate and don’t fret over him and Pakhi. Leela shares with Vanraj that she fears for Pakhi as well. She charges Pakhi and her displeasure. Vanraj asks Leela not to denounce Pakhi as Adhik is off-base. Leela choose to converse with Adhik. Vanraj stops. He says he is having exceptionally unusual feeling.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Anu gets eager to go on trip. She says she will miss Anuj. Kinjal accompanies Pari. Anuj tells Pari that they have worn the comparative garments. Anupama stands focused. Kinjal leave the spot alongside Anu so Anuj and Anupama can have a discussion. Anuj and Anupama embrace one another. Anuj read verse for Anupama. He asks her not to stress. Anuj says nothing will occur and even something occur than he is here to deal with. He requests that Anupama convey just herself out traveling. Anuj takes Anupama’s portable. Anupama asks the justification behind taking the portable. Anuj says he believes that her should appreciate. He requests that Anupama bring gifts for her. Anupama embraces Anuj. Anuj appeals to God for Anupama.Vanraj takes food to Pakhi. Leela asks Vanraj not to irritate as Pakhi secures herself in a room at whatever point she is irate. She asks Vanraj not to stress. Anuj gets down on Anupama. Dimple giggles. Anuj acknowledges Anupama isn’t at home. Dimple tells Anuj that seeing them she actually has a conviction on marriage and love. She inquires as to whether he had a contention with Anupama. Anuj says here and there battle is great too.


Barkha requests that Adhik have flapjack as Anupama exceptionally made for him. Adhik gets a threating message from Pakhi. He sits dazed. Anupama, Kinjal, Pari and Anu arrive at the excursion spot. Anu share her Christmas memory with Anupama, Kinjal.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Adhik dread for Pakhi and think last option will hurt herself. Barkha and Ankush ask Adhik not to stress as Pakhi won’t take her life. Adhik says he can’t survive without Pakhi. Ankush quiet Adhik. St Nick asks Anupama, Anu, Kinjal to compose their desires and stick on tree. Anupama wish to be with Anuj, Anupama generally. Anu wishes to accompany Anuj and Anupama. Anupama play game.

Adhik alongside Ankush and Barkha rushes to Shah house. He enquires about Pakhi. Vanraj and Shahs find out about Pakhi’s compromising message. They get holy for Pakhi and request her to open the entryway. Anupama play game with Anu. She further turn jokester and appreciates with Anu, Kinjal and Pari.

Adhik and Vanraj request that Pakhi open the entryway. Vanraj says he won’t extra Adhik, Ankush and Barkha assuming anything happens to Pakhi. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Leela requests that Vanraj call Anupama. Anuj says Anupama won’t come. Vanraj says Anupama needs to visit for Pakhi.

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