Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 16th December 2022

Episode starts with Sid and Shubham wanting to profess to try sincerely and afterward get this arrangement, then Slam will believe you and your future will be secure. Sid says this isn’t your misfortune, it’s Nandini and Vedika’s misfortune. Shubham gestures. Here, Slam and Exquisite come for a make over. Smash says I can give my all property to do your make over. Smash ridicules Exquisite then requests that the salon young lady do a decent make over and get freed off these bangs. Priya recollects a previous second when she hurled when Smash thought she was pregnant. Priya says it is on the grounds that she ate paneer. Smash then gives a back rub and another hairdo to Priya. Slam says no one but I can make you look this lovely. Priya expresses being with you makes me more gorgeous, it’s the best inclination. Flashback ends.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

Ram contends with the salon craftsman about make over. Slam says I will do her makeover. Smash begins doing her makeover. Beautiful transforms into Priya. Priya gets confident assuming Ram recalls the previous seeing her. Smash then, at that point, chooses dresses. Priya thinks perhaps after I change, she could recall. Priya comes subsequent to changing, Slam gets entranced seeing her. Priya thinks please god cause Smash to recall everything. Priya approaches Slam. Slam sets her dupatta. They share a nearby second and eye to eye connection. Slam says Wonderful you are looking beautiful. Slam makes her see the mirror and makes her wear a neckband. Priya is miserable seeing Ram not recall her. Smash can’t quit loving her. Slam says will we leave? Priya says makeover is alright however this neckband is over the top expensive, I can’t take this gift. Slam says this isn’t a gift, it’s a badge of gratitude for how you helped Shubham, consider this an image that at whatever point you really want me then I will be there. Slam says you need to concur or, more than likely I will call Pihu. Priya thinks this neckband gave me trust that soon things will get normal.Priya is going to trip when Smash gets her and takes her sack. Smash says today is your day. Priya thinks without being familiar with my pregnancy you are still with me. Slam says don’t be worried, this evening you and Krish have a date in our farmhouse. Priya says you will be there? Slam says offcourse, I won’t allow you to do it single-handedly. Here, Nandini and Vedika cause Pawan to sort out for Swati’s shradh. Nandini and Vedika see Slam. Nandini says I am so appreciative to Swati in view of her I got this child. Vedika says I will make prasad tomorrow. Slam says Wonderful is as of now getting it done. Vedika says festoons? Slam says no Wonderful will do it she is being sufficiently paid to make it happen. Vedika says let me work on something for you. Slam says I don’t have time today, I will fix Beautiful and Krish. Nandini says it’s extraordinary that you stood by listening to me, you go. Smash leaves. Vedika is vexed. Nandini advises Vedika an answer for make Smash express yes to wed her. Nandini smirks.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

Adi and Vikrant attempt to prevent Smash from joining Priya and Krish. Smash says I have seen Pihu and Priya alone and they frantically need Krish, so it’s my obligation, Beautiful has done a ton for me. Priya and Krish show up in the farmhouse. Priya gets close to home recollecting her recollections with Slam. Krish quiets her truism I will successfully make both of you together relax, Slam loves you. Priya asks Exquisite or Priya? Krish says both are same as it were. The two of them head inside. Krish sees Slam’s good tidings and murmurs to Priya that see he is desirous. Krish says for what reason did you call us here? We can figure out things in our own space. Smash says Wonderful has done a great deal for my family, I have seen Priya and Pihu miss your presence so I called you both here. Krish says however you have such a lot of association between your Dad? Slam says I comprehend the significance of family and representatives are family just so their bliss matters to me. Priya believes Slam’s approach to talking is various has he remembered everything? All at once media comes and assembles Ram.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Media says we have heard you are doing some enormous declaration. Vedika says wed me Slam, you proposed me similarly in school so consequently I’m doing likewise for you, you guaranteed me to cherish me each snapshot of life and a similar commitment I’m doing to you. Vedika gets kneeling down to propose to him. Slam is stunned and Priya gets emotional.

Episode ends.

Precap – Smash expresses no to Vedika and says I’m uncertain of your sentiments. Slam sees Priya cry from far and thinks I realize you are battling to bring back my memory, however my memory is back and you have proactively won. Priya cries thinking she failed.

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