Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 17th December 2022

LThe episode begins with Devraj getting stunned by learning Tulika is pregnant with Kabir’s kid. Yuvan says we will bring up the kid together Banni, mightn’t? Is it fundamental for you to go? Banni says that will not be equity and I would rather not in the middle among you and Tulika and your child. Devraj says it’s the shortcoming of Tulika as she probably is aware reality with regards to Kabir then how is it that she could fall head over heels for Kabir and crossed the cutoff points? He says the youngster will get his freedoms as main successor yet that doesn’t mean Banni and Yuvan head out in different directions. Banni says it’s just plain wrong to isolate mother and youngsters. Devraj says sin is Tulika’s for separating you and Yuvan.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Tulika cries. Banni requests that Charmi make sense of for others as she is likewise becoming a mother. Charmi says you make us a family and what to say? Viraj says precisely, you’re the substance of this family and without you, the family can’t work and the rest depends on you so choose. Alapana says it’s Yuvan’s mix-up excessively then it’s bad to rebuff Tulika alone. Viraj and Alapana contend. Tulika is going to leave. Banni stops her and she yells and stops the argument.Banni advises relatives that she should pass on to cause Tulika’s child to get its right. She requests that relatives regard her choice. She says Tulika will remain in Rathod manor and she will take off from the house as it’s right. Devraj requests that Banni not become perfect. Banni says she is simply attempting to be a decent person and perhaps my part ultimately depends on here in Yuvan’s life. Yuvan says he is against her choice and requests that she not rebuff him for Kabir’s mix-up. He says he can’t get isolated from his Banni.

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Banni gets some information about the child. Tulika requests that Banni end it as nobody is content with her choice. Banni says it’s required for a child if not this general public will call him an ill-conceived kid and I won’t allow that to happen that is the reason I need to leave this family and one day everybody will acknowledge you and your child. She says she needs to leave. She requests that Deepu get her suitcase.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Brinda drops red water. Viraj, Charmi, and Myra demand Banni to not leave however Banni leaves taking her bag and leaving her red impressions. Yuvan stops Banni before she is crossing the entryway. He begs Banni to not leave him. She doesn’t tune in. She requests that he not come her behind and she puts him under the pledge of their affection. Banni goes out in tears. Yuvan separates in tears.

In the evening, Banni gets injured while cutting vegetables. She reviews her second with Yuvan. She questions god why he is playing with her life. She cries embracing the chunri. She hears the sound of roars and goes to close the window she sees Yuvan standing outside.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni, and others rush Tulika to the clinic. Banni inquires as to whether all is well. The specialist says the patient’s condition is basic and we can save either mother or the kid. Banni requests that he save Tulika. During the activity, Tulika yells Kabir’s name. Kabir emerges. The specialist says they neglected to save Tulika. Kabir gets shocked.

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