Bhagyalakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagyalakshmi Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Malishka requesting that Kiran open her eyes. Rishi opens the entryway and sees Malishka close to Kiran agonizing over her. Rishi goes to get medication. Malishka leaves the emergency clinic. Malishka beats Ashish with a bar from behind. Ashish and Malishka battle with one another. Sonal comes and requests that Malishka quiet them down. Malishka says she is likewise going to hit her then she will comprehend how Kiran is feeling. Ashish asks Malishka to avoid that and says he will kill her. Sonal quiets the two of them down. Sonal attempts to clarify for Malishka that it was only a mishap. Rishi comes and gives the medication to the nurse.

Written Update Bhagyalakshmi Today Episode

Sonal requests that Ashish bring a glass of water for Malishka. Ashish brings a glass of water for Malishka. Sonal makes sense of for Malishka that they are their well wishers. Rishi sees that Malishka left Kiran and headed off to some place. Sonal clears up for Malishka that the mishap is a direct result of Lakshmi. Sonal says Kiran came to save Lakshmi. Malishka comprehends subsequent to conversing with them that Kiran understands what they are arranging. Sonal inquires as to whether Kiran educated anybody regarding their arrangement. Malishka says Kiran could never enlighten anybody concerning their arrangement. Sonal likewise concurs and says Kiran could say nothing regarding their arrangements and says on the off chance that she did, they would likewise take Malishka’s name.Ayush imparts his doubt to Lakshmi that the vehicle could have come to hurt her rather than Kiran. Rishi gets a call from Neelam. Neelam inquires as to whether Kiran came into cognizance or not. Rishi says she didn’t. Neelam asks Rishi how is Malishka? Rishi says Malishka isn’t in the medical clinic. Neelam finding out about this requests that Rishi call Malishka and she will be in the emergency clinic and cuts the call.


Lakshmi asks Ayush who needs to kill her and says no one needs to kill her. Lakshmi says she is just stressed over Kiran’s security at this moment and says she saw Malishka’s state today. Ayush acclaims Lakshmi for agonizing over Kiran and Malishka and says she is unique.

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Rishi sees Malishka and asks her where did she go? Malishka inquires as to whether their very own individual carried out a wrongdoing how would it be a good idea for them to respond? Rishi says they ought to be rebuffed for their wrongdoing. Sonal is displayed to ameliorating Asish. Rishi inquires as to whether she realized who is the purpose for Kiran’s mishap. Malishka says she knows. Rishi says he will call the police and says she can tell infront of them.

Malishka is demonstrated to review chatting with Sonal and Malishka. Malishka and Ashish contend with one another. Sonal quiets the two of them down and gives a plan to Malishka that they can toss the fault on Lakshmi and says she( Malishka) saw every last bit of it worked out. Sonal says she will be the fundamental observer as she perceived how Lakshmi pushed Kiran right infront of the car.

Neelam comes and supports Malishka and requests the name from the individual who is behind Kiran’s mishap. Malishka falters taking the name of the individual who committed the Kiran’s mishap. Neelam and Rishi guarantee Malishka that they will cause the individual to be rebuffed who committed Kiran’s accident.

Lakshmi tells to Shalu that Kiran got into a mishap and is stressed over her. Shalu supports Lakshmi saying they will do Pooja to Sai Baba for Kiran’s well being.

The police come and ask Rishi what one committed the mishap. Rishi says Malishka will tell them. Malishka apologizes to Rishi and lets the police know that she saw the individual who carried out the wrongdoing and takes Lakshmi’s name.

Episode ends.

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