Bhagyalakshmi 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagyalakshmi Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Virendra requesting that Neelam not to accept any commitment from Rishi as Lakshmi is guiltless and to challenge Rishi then, at that point, challenge him to remain content with his significant other not to isolate him from his better half. Neelam requests that Virendra not include. She says Rishi is my child that is the reason I don’t believe he should remain with an unfortunate and criminal young lady. Rishi puts his hand on Neelam’s shoulder. Neelam puts Rishi’s hand on her head and requests that he guarantee her.

Written Update Bhagyalakshmi Today Episode

Malishka demands her mother to not pamper her game. Kiran inquires as to whether she is intending to kill Lakshmi once more. Malishka says she isn’t wanting to kill her. Kiran says she has no faith in her and says she will come clean to Lakshmi. Malishka begs her. Kiran feels woozy while attempting to go out. Malishka makes her snooze bed and goes to call the specialist. Sonal contemplates why Kiran is acting along these lines. Malishka meets Sonal and tells her that Kiran acquired awareness and she needs to come clean to Lakshmi. Sonal says I knew it as Kiran simply focuses on Lakshmi that is the reason she came to save her. Malishka cautions her to not talk against her mother, she is great and figures really great for other people and you don’t have the foggiest idea how my mother helped me. Sonal says leave it and think regarding what to do next.Lakshmi attempts to eliminate Rishi’s hand. Neelam requests that she not include. Lakshmi says it’s a question of me and on the off chance that Kiran affirms against me, I will take off from the house. Neelam says you don’t have the right to guarantee me. She requests that Rishi give his statement. Rishi swears keeping his hand on Neelam’s head and says in the event that Kiran auntie says that her mishap occurred because of Lakshmi, I will myself, will toss Lakshmi out of the house. Neelam says on the off chance that the swear breaks, the relationship will break as well. She leaves. Virendra and Dadi ask Rishi for what good reason he gave his statement. Rishi says I realize Lakshmi is honest. He guarantees Lakshmi that he won’t let anything happens to her. He signs her to grin. Lakshmi feels cheerful. Kiran remembers to tell all reality to Lakshmi once she meets her. That time power goes off. Somebody goes into the room. Kiran accepts it’s Lakshmi and comes clean with her of the mishap and says its arrangement of Sonal and Malishka is honest. Lights return. Sonal asks how might she do it to her. Malishka emerges from behind. Rishi and others come there and thump on the entryway. Sonal compromises Kiran that she will uncover Malishka assuming she uncovered her. Rishi and others come inside. The specialist checks Kiran and tells relatives that they can bring Kiran back home. Rishi asks Malishka for what reason the entryway is locked. Sonal says Aunt needs to leave before release that is the reason Malishka shut the door.


The police come there and request that Kiran give her assertion. The Assessor requests that Kiran let them know how did this mishap occur? Kiran deceives the police that Lakshmi pushed her before the vehicle. The reviewer inquires as to whether it’s Lakshmi’s mix-up. Kiran concurs. Shalu shares with Ayush that she is feeling a terrible energy. Ayush guarantees her nothing will happen to Lakshmi. Dadi asks what’s she talking about. Kiran says Lakshmi attempted to kill me to get back at Malishka. Sonal lets Malishka know that aunt saved her. Lakshmi says Kiran is giving some unacceptable articulation. She requests that Kiran review the episode once more. Malishka cautions Lakshmi to quit accusing her mother. Lakshmi says she sat idle. Sonal says you acted well to get away however Kiran uncovered you. Neelam inquires as to whether he tunes in. Rishi says Kiran might misjudge the situation as it occurred during Malishka capture. Kiran says she is certain this time. Virendra requests that Kiran review the episode once more. Rishi inquires as to why she is accusing Lakshmi. Kiran says on the off chance that he feels Lakshmi is guiltless, she will reclaim the case. The monitor says she doesn’t have to change her assertion due to other’s power. The examiner captures Lakshmi without paying attention to Virendra and Rishi.

Bhagyalakshmi Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Episode ends.

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