Bhagyalakshmi 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagyalakshmi Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with the Police arresting Lakshmi. Malishka faults Lakshmi for Kiran’s mishap. Lakshmi guards herself saying she sat idle and says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why Kiran is saying like this. Virendra, Dadi, and Rishi say they trust Lakshmi. Rishi guarantees Lakshmi that they realize she sat idle. Rishi says he will organize bail for her soon. The police remove Lakshmi from that point. Shalu stops the police and says they can’t Lakshmi away and says they previously got bail for Lakshmi. Ayush gives the expectant bail papers of Lakshmi to the police. The assessor discharges Lakshmi and says they can’t take Lakshmi because of bail and cautions Lakshmi not to leave anyplace without telling them. The police leave from that point. Rishi expresses gratitude toward Ayush for setting up the bail ahead of time. Ayush says he ought to express on account of Shalu and says she previously anticipated something awful will happen to Lakshmi. Dadi and Virendra say thanks to Shalu and acclaim her. Lakshmi reviews what Priyanka said and the word she provided for Neelam.

Written Update Bhagyalakshmi Today Episode

Sonal acclaims Kiran and expresses gratitude toward Kiran for taking Lakshmi’s name. Kiran requests that Sonal shut up and feels regretful as she took Lakshmi’s name. Malishka and Sonal make an effort not to feel remorseful. Kiran asks the two of them to quiet down and says on the off chance that Rishi had some awareness of this, she will abhor Malishka for eternity. Malishka inquires as to whether she will agree with Lakshmi’s stance. Kiran shares with Malishka she is stressed over her. Kiran requests that Sonal avoid her.The Oberoi family gets back to their home. Rishi attempts to converse with Neelam yet she says she would rather not contend any longer and reminds Rishi that tomorrow is the last date of their separation case hearing.


Sonal reminds Kiran that she was the person who called her here. Kiran says she didn’t she would follow through with something like this. Kiran asks Sonal to simply leave from here. Malishka attempts to stop Sonal yet she leaves from the room. Kiran asks Malishka additionally to let her be. Malishka concurs and leaves the room.

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Karishma says no one would have recalled that tomorrow is the last date for their separation case hearing. Neelam says she will ensure that Rishi will give separation to Lakshmi. Neelam reminds Rishi that his marriage with Lakshmi is only an arrangement and he cherishes Malishka even now.

Sonal feels irate with Kiran’s way of behaving. Malishka apologizes to Sonal for the benefit of Kiran. Sonal asks Malishka for what valid reason is Kiran considering everybody rather than her. Malishka says Kiran is stressed over her. Sonal requests that Malishka fail to remember it. Sonal says they have as of now digged a casket for Lakshmi and they simply need to give her a slight push. Malishka says it will happen tomorrow and says tomorrow is last trial of Rishi and Lakshmi’s separation case. Sonal says then they need to effectively ensure that tomorrow it comes in support of ourselves. Sonal lets Malishka know this time they will go after Rishi. Malishka cautions Sonal she won’t ever permit something like this to occur. Sonal makes sense of for Malishka what they are going to do.

Virendra attempts to converse with Neelam however Neelam doesn’t pay attention to Virendra and requests that he keep his viewpoint to himself.

Rishi and Lakshmi review what Neelam said. Lakshmi shares with Rishi that tomorrow is going to their separation case last hearing. Rishi says he had barely any familiarity with it. Lakshmi tells Rishi that Neelam is irate with her that she is the person who did Kiran’s mishap. Lakshmi requests that Rishi converse with Neelam and persuade Neelam that she did nothing like that. Rishi says he realizes that Lakshmi sat idle however Neelam isn’t paying attention to whatever he is saying and says he previously attempted to converse with her. Rishi asks Lakshmi for what valid reason is she requesting that he do all this?

Virendra consents to not impede Lakshmi and Rishi’s separation case relying on the prerequisite that Neelam likewise doesn’t meddle and says she shouldn’t compel Rishi to take the separation. Neelam says she can’t do that and says she is Rishi’s mom and she can’t permit Rishi to remain with an unfortunate young lady. Virendra says he is father of Rishi and he won’t permit any such thing to happen.

Lakshmi reminds Rishi that he is her better half and says in the event that she has an issue, she will come to him. Lakshmi says he is an ideal justification for her reality and says she isn’t anything without him. Rishi says he knows yet he can’t see everybody that she is honest. Rishi expresses everybody in this house is grown up and everybody has their viewpoints. Rishi asks Lakshmi for what good reason is she posing a similar inquiry once more and again?

Episode ends.

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