Bharathi Kannamma 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Bharthi saying ‘sorry’ to Kannamma. He tells her that he thought Kannamma ignorant about Venba’s arrangement. He requested her to take off from the house out of resentment. He did a transgression as a result of Venba’s control. He shouldn’t have taken choice trusting her visually impaired. Everybody shared with him that Kannamma is a decent individual however he have little to no faith in her by any means. He destroyed his own life. He has a guiltless spouse and lovely daughters.

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

Venba grabbed his delightful family from him. He childhood Hema thinking her as vagrant and he neglected to acknowledge his own little girl Laksmi. How should Venba deceive her. Soundarya requests that he apologize to Kannamma and return them to home. Bharathi shares with Kannamma that she is his god. He is saying ‘sorry’ to Kannamma for charged her superfluous. For tossed her out of the house and will not acknowledge his little girls. She begs her to pardon him and acknowledge him back.Soundarya begs Kannamma to excuse Bharathi and acknowledge him back. Doesn’t she hung tight for this second. Bharathi guarantees her that he won’t think her deep rooted. How about we return to our home and carry on with the existence which they lost. He begs Kannamma to excuse him and acknowledge back in her life. Bharathi embraces Lakshmi and Hema profound. He shares with Hema that he is her dad. Bharathi adds that she is his girl. She can say everybody pleased that he is father of them. Bharathi requests that they return to home. Kannamma remains there in quiet. Bharathi asks her would she excuse him? He argues her to say single word that she pardoned him. He cries holding her hand.

Bharathi Kannamma

Kanamma isn’t responding to anything there. She eliminates her hand from his hold. Kannamma asks him doesn’t he was sorry to her without any problem? In the event that he was sorry to her for what reason would it be a good idea for her she pardon everything. Who will assume the liability of her 10 years which she lost it. He denounced her pointless and fault her personality. He don’t have control after he tanked. How might she excuse him? He doesn’t have the foggiest idea the amount she looked in this 10 years. She went through many difficult situations. He didn’t ponder her for most recent 10 years. Doesn’t she squander her existence without doing any mistakes.

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

He is essentially saying that his companion double-crossed him. Kannamma asks Bharathi doesn’t he a specialist. Whether he is numb-skull or blameless to trust Venba? She went out conveying her youngster when Bharathi charged her as character less. He didn’t ponder her. She doesn’t have spot to remain. She worked in petroleum siphon, idli search for cash. She needs to save her children so she really buckled down. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea how she will convey a child. Kannamma says that Soundarya took Hema from her after het birth. Hema asks Soundarya how is it that she could do that way? Soundarya tells her that Bharathi could never have acknowledged her on the off chance that she referenced her as Kannamma’s daughter.

He showed the adoration to her since he believes that she is a vagrant. She did it for good. She thought basically Hema will get the affection for her dad. Bharathi shares with Kannamma that he did the conveyance for her. Kabnamma objections that he wouldn’t have see her face. Kannamma lets him know that she battled significantly after Lakshmi conceived. She battle to bring a good nourishment for her. He doesn’t have any idea how could she bring in cash in her own. She put such a lot of endeavors to reach to this spot today. She endeavored to deal with her daughters.

Kannamma says that she lost the life. Doesn’t she cautioned him Venba is a terrible individual. Have no faith in her. In any case, he confided in her more than her. She adds that they lost 10 years of their life due to her. She adds that Durga is a thug. He had pity and care on her. Yet, As a spouse Bharathi neglected to figure out her and save her. Soundarya tells her beginning and end is past.

Police captured Venba. Kannamma says that Venba left. Imagine a scenario in which new young lady come to make a disarray in their life once more. He showed a paper to her and requests her to leave the house. Presently he is showing a paper to her and said both are his girls. As per him this paper means a lot to him than trust. Doesn’t she requested that he acknowledge her and little girl multi week prior. However, he denied it. She requests that he uncover the explanation for his obliviousness. Bharathi remains quiet there.

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