Bharathi Kannamma 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Kannamma asks Bharathi doesn’t she mentioned him to acknowledge her? However, he declined it. She requests him to say the explanation. Bharathi uncovers to her that he chose to take the choice after the DNA test result come. Kannamma shares with him that Bharathi trusted that this paper will pick his life. Kabnamma questions him how is it that he could accept this is penny percent valid? Consider the possibility that somebody changed the outcome like Venba. Kannamma asks Soundarya how she will live with an individual whom giving significance to this paper then her? He isn’t confiding in her however this paper. He affirmed that Hema and Lakshmi are his girls after he saw the results.

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

Kannamma adds that dad and girl relationship ought to feel. It won’t come seeing the paper. Doesn’t he feel any affection on these children in these 10 years? He didn’t confided in them. Kannamma asks him doesn’t he accepted Venu is his dad when Soundarya referenced him as his dad. Why don’t he trust her when she said both Hema and Lakshmi are his little girls? He have zero faith in her by any stretch of the imagination. She adds that she saved him from the bomb impact putting her life in extreme danger. He would have requested that she acknowledge her on that time. Essentially he would have accepr her when she mentioned him to acknowledge her.She needn’t bother with an individual whom trusting the paper than her. He has little to no faith in her except for this outcomes. She never saw such people in her day to day existence. Kannamma adds that she would rather not live with him. Soundarya says that he was off-base. Yet, excuse him and acknowledge Bharathi. Venu tells her that everybody hung tight for this second however she is easing off from it without a second to spare. Kannamma apologize to them for disheartening them. Anjali requests that Kannamma go with them. She tells her that Kannamma can remain with them. At the point when she needs to acknowledge him go with it.

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi begs Kannamma to don’t decline his solicitation. Indeed, even Lakshmi and Hema needs to live with them. Kannamma says that she said her choice. Both Hema and Lakshmi will choose whether to go with Bharathi or Kannamma. She won’t separate them from their dad. Venu and Soundarya begs the children to convince Kannamma to live with them.

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Bharathi begs Hema and Lakshmi to remain with him. Hema and Lakshmi looks one another and says that they don’t require him. They needs to go with Kannamma. Hema shares with Bharathi that she beaten Venba when she sass about her mother. Be that as it may, Bharathi neglects to help her mother and didn’t blow up on Venba when she revile on her. He shouldn’t have hurted her like that. Hema adds that she didn’t remained with mother. Bharathi thought she was a vagrant. Simply think of her as like that. Lakshmi adds that Bharathi didn’t give the affection or care to her from her introduction to the world. She doesn’t require him any longer. She never anticipated that he should revile her mother like that.

Kannamma apologize to Soundarya for harming her. She adds that they could give regard to her choice. Kannamma illuminates to Bharathi that she realized the thing is life pursuing he came to her life. In the event that he could never have removed her from the house. She wouldn’t have realized what is ravenous, self confidence the worth of cash. Her life would have end up in his home and kitchen. He was her entire world. However, she form herself after the disloyalty. She has the certainty to remain in her own leg. He allowed that opportunity to her. She used to terrified of everything. In any case, she defeat it after his disloyalty. She was over touchy in all things. Be that as it may, today she is encouraging other lady’s to don’t cry.
She is learning new things everyday as a result of him. She express gratitude toward him for everything. He gave personality to her. Bharathi cries in blameworthy. Kannamma say thanks to him and encourage him to confide in relationship than this paper. Kannamma takes her girls from there.

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