Bharathi Kannamma 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Kannamma encouraging Bharathi to confide in relationship or individuals as opposed to confiding in this papers. She takes her the two girls from that point. Bharathi cries in blameworthy. Hema and Lakshmi turns around to Bharathi and cries. They embraces Kannamma and leaves from that point. Bharathi tumbles down and weeps hysterically. His folks consoles him.

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

Soundarya continues gazing the vanishing figure of Kannamma and her childrence in torment. Soundarya questions Bharathi doesn’t they told him, Kannamma is honest? He didn’t give regard to their words. Venu says that he is now worried. Quit chastening him. They takes him to their home. In the interim, Kannamma came to home alongside her girls. Lakshmi gives water to them. Lakshmi says that Kannamm battled a great deal for them. Hema and Lakshmi embraces her. Lakshmi questions her Does Bharathi removed her from home when she was pregnant with them.Hema says that she battled a great deal for them. Lakshmi asks her how is it that he could act like that? Hema adds that She wished to figure out who is her dad. Yet, she laments for took in reality. Lakshmi asks her how should Bharathi think her trusting Venba? Hema says that she just necessities her mom. Lakshmi shares with Kannamma that they lived in a town. How about we head off to some place abandoning everything. She would rather not see them once more. Hema concurs with her. Lakshmi tells her that Hema hungered for mother love and Lakshmi ached for father love. However Bharathi didn’t provide for their sentiments by any means. We don’t require him all things considered. How about we head off to some place else. Kannamma guarantees them that she will satisfy their desire. How about we leave from here.

Bharathi Kannamma

Venu takes Bharathi back to home. Bharathi says that he did a transgression. He shouldn’t have trusted Venba and harmed Kannamma. He feels embarrassed to specify himself as a heart specialist. Venba tricked him these numerous years. She filled poison to him. On account of her he was visually impaired. Venu shares with Bharathi that they told him commonly that Venba is a terrible individual. She isn’t worth for his affection. He didn’t give regard to their words. Soundarya grievances that she reprove him, mentioned him to don’t trust Venba and acknowledge Kannamma. He didn’t give notice to his mother’s words. There is no utilization to examine about it now after everything over. Everybody know well about Kannamma’s difficult person. When she take the choice changing her is hard. Bharathi shares with her that he won’t allow that to reoccur. He did a wrongdoing to her. He won’t rehash his error again.

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Bharathi says that he previously lost valuable years in his day to day existence. He would rather not avoid Kannamma any longer. He really wants his girls and spouse back. He needs to live with them joyfully. Soundarya guarantees him that they will join him with Kannamma. Bharathi gestures with her. Afterward, Kannamma and Bharathi are pondering their past.

Bharathi embraces his family picture and weeps hysterically. Following day, Bharathi asks god to rejoin Kannamma with him. Venu and Soundarya comes there. He lets him know we should leave. Bharathi tells his folks that he is feeling awkward. He fears that Kannamma will not acknowledge his conciliatory sentiment. She is a difficult individual. He fears that Kannamma won’t return with him. Soundarya guarantees him that they will persuade her. Nothing to stress. Venu asks him to don’t free his expectation. She might be acknowledge him failing to remember everything. Anjali guarantees him that she will persuade him. Basically father will persuade her. How about we take them back to home. Afterward, Bharathi compasses to Kannamma’s home. They gets amazed to see the entryway was locked.

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