Bharathi Kannamma 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Bharathi thumping on the entryway. Soundarya illuminates him it appears entryway locked. Bharathi sees the letter and understands it. Bharathi gets close to home understanding it. Kannamma referenced in that letter that they are leaving Chennai. Try not to look for them. Soundarya says that Kannamma took choice in rush. They came here to return her to home. Venu tells her lets look for her.

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

Soundarya illuminates him that as of late thugs captured Hema. They looked for her all over the place and saw as her. Where she will look for Kannamma and her girls now. Akhil requests that she call her. Anjali calls her yet it’s platitude not reachable. Akhil sees the sim card on floor. Akhil says that it appears she needs to cut every one of her binds with them. To that end she tossed the sim card not to reach her through telephone. Bharathi figures the reason why did she left him?Bharathi imparts to them that still up in the air to return them to home. In the event that she is unyielding to not go with him. He chose to remain with them here. In any case, he didn’t anticipated her leave from him. He didn’t comprehend her worth till she was close to him. He comprehends her worth when she left him. Akhil requests that he look for her as opposed to burning through his time here.

Bharathi Kannamma

Meanwhile, Venba sketch Kannamma’s image on wall. She is chatting with her generally. She says that she won’t leave her. She might be glad to win her. She won’t let her live in harmony. Bharathi beg Kannamma to acknowledge him. She won’t allow him to live with her tranquility. Superintendent requests Venba to don’t yell. She is upsetting others here. She is giving appreciation to Venba on the grounds that she is a specialist. Quit making superfluous show here. In the event that she keeps upsetting them, they will show different treatment to her.

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Meanwhile, Akhil and Anjali are looking for Kannamma. Bharathi gets a call from the emergency clinic. Vickram illuminates Bharathi that Kannamma surrendered her work. He says that Kannamma sent a thank letter to Vickram. She sent it in messenger. Venu encourage him to quit stressing over them. We should look for her. Afterward, Kannamma going in transport alongside Lakshmi and Hema. Lakshmi asks Kannamma where are they going? She illuminates her that they are returning to town. Shanmugam lived in that town. She brought into the world there. Lakshmi asks her for what valid reason didn’t she visit there after she conceived? She advises her that she got opportunity to visit this town now. Hema asks her does she have family members here? Kannamma gestures with her. They gets down from the transport when town reached.

Thirumalai asks Shanmugam about his well about? Shanmugam shares with him they are fine. Shanmugam asks him whether any house accessible here for lease? He requests that Shanmugam stay in Azhagar house. In the interim, Soundarya consoles Bharathi that they can find Kannamma quickly. We should look for police division help to track down Kannamma. She would have left the home out of frustration. She will get back to home as quickly as possible. Akhil says that it’s his error. He shouldn’t have prevented him from meeting Kannamma. Or, in all likelihood she could never have left the home. Anjali stresses over Kannamma’s monetary costs. Bharathi leaves from that point out of frustration. Relatives stresses over him. Bharathi comes there taking his baggage. He illuminates them that he will bring Kannamma back.

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