Bharathi Kannamma 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Bharathi illuminating to Soundarya that he is leaving. Soundarya asks him where he is going? Bharathi tells her that he will track down Kannamma and his little girls. Soundarya asks him where he will he look for her? As of now they whined in the police headquarters. They will assist them with thinking that she is out. Bharathi says that he doesn’t have persistence. Kabnamma is battling outside then the way that he will remain in house. He did a misstep not her. For what reason would it be a good idea for her to bear the aggravation of his error? He thought her pointless. It’s his obligation to view as her. Bharathi adds that he won’t get back to this house until he track down Kannamma and his little girls. On the off chance that he neglect to find them then he won’t get back to this house. Soundarya gets profound hearing it. Venu asks her to don’t stop him. He is lamenting his mix-up. He needs to look for her expression of remorse. Still up in the air to bring back Kannamma here. They shouldn’t stop him. Bharathi gives the vehicle key to him. He requests that they favor him. Venu and Soundarya favor him.

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

Bharathi goes out looking for Kannamma. He feels his heart is weighty to leave from his loved ones. In the interim, Shanmugam requests that Azhagar help him. Azhagar guarantees to help him. Shanmugam requests that he give a house to him for lease. Azhagar lets him know that he is his family member. He needn’t bother with his authorization to remain in his home. He requests that she take his home. Azhagar acquaints Shanmugam as his sibling with Tamara and Pooja. Azhagar requests that Thamara give the vital things and house key to Kannamma. Kannamma says that key is sufficient. They will purchase things from outside. Azhagar asks her to don’t show convention to him. Lakshmi and Hema acquaints them with Pooja.Later, Tamara takes Kannamma to her new house. Kannamma and Hema checks out the house. Tamara illuminates her that one family emptied the house the week before. She adds that additional things were in home. She can utilize it. Kannamm deny it thinking she will purchase things from outside. Tamara requests that she feel it as her own home. Shanmugam leaves from that point to examine about the lease with Azhagar. Kannamma imparts to her girls that this is their new world. In the mean time, Bharathi looking for Kannamma all over. Ganapati sees Bharathi on street. He asks Bharathi doesn’t he remembered him? He presented him as Bhagya’s sibling. Ganapati asks him does he looking for Kannamma and little girls? Bharathi asks him how could she be aware of it? Ganapati lets him know that Shanmugam likewise went with them.

Bharathi Kannamma

He illuminates to Bharathi that Shanmugam went to meet Kannamma yesterday. Kannamma informed him that she needed to empty the house. Shanmugam recommended Bhagya to leave from Chennai yet she declined it. So he went with Kannamma without illuminating her. Ganapati requests that Bharathi let him get together with him. He will assist him with looking for Kannamma. Bharathi expresses gratitude toward him. Ganapati lets him know that Kannamma might be went to Thiruvallur. Bharathi expresses gratitude toward him and leaves from that point. In the interim, Panchayat head values Shanmugam for return to his town. He says that he found out about Kannamma’s past. They inspires and supports Kannamma. Shanmugam shares with him that she really wants a task. Kannamma adds that she knows to cook well. She sold rice flour and sewing work. Head proposes Kannamma to cook for the school understudies. Kannamma say thanks to them for his help.


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