Bharathi Kannamma 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Bharathi asking the town individuals about Kannamma. Elderly person shares with Bharathi that he realized Kannamma well. She arrived at this town with another conceived child. She sewed garments for living. He asks him doesn’t Bharathi came here to give a free treatment to the town individuals. Bharathi gestures with him. One individual illuminates him that Kannamma didn’t come here. Bharathi questions where she is? Kabnamma hasn’t arrived. Ganapati consoles him. In the mean time, Kannamma carries Lakshmi and Hema to their new school. Chief requests that the children fill their application structure. He says that he isn’t trying their insight. This is a little method for expanding their self-assurance. Both Hema and Lakshmi wonder whether or not to fill Father name in the application structure. Then, at that point, both composes Kannamma name in it. Chief asks them for what valid reason did they referenced Kannamma name in it?

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

Lakshmi says that Kannamma is their both dad and mother. Chief values them. Hema tells Kannamma that she just necessities mother. They don’t require father any longer. Kannamma embraces them profound. In the mean time, Ganapati sees Bharathi lost in his viewpoints. He isn’t going to the call. Ganapati takes him back to the earth. He requests that Bharathi go to the call. Bharathi says that Soundarya is calling him. Soundarya asks him where could he be? Bharathi tells her that he was on Thiruvallur. She questions him for what reason did he went there? Bharathi says that Kannamma remained in this town previously. To that end he came here to look for her. However, she hasn’t arrived. Soundarya asks him where could him be? Bharathi says that he is as yet looking for her. Soundarya requests that he get back. Try not to stretch himself more. How about we give police protest. They will assist us with looking for her.Bharathi tells her that he won’t get back without Kannamma. He needs to think that they are first. He will return them to home at any expense. Soundarya separates the call. Bharathi says that he will track down Kannamma. Soundarya shares with Venu that she fears that Bharathi won’t think often about his wellbeing while at the same time looking for Kannamma. Venu says that it’s a difficult opportunity to the two of them. Allow him to track down Kannamma first. He needs to persuade Kannamma to begin another life. In the mean time, one of the strong cash moneylender comes there in his vehicle. Seeing him one individual runs from that point. His cohort pursues him. He beats him for got away from him. That individual begs him to leave him. He needs to return cash to him. He was sorry to him for not going to his approach time. He sees Kannamma coming inverse to him.

Bharathi Kannamma

He gazes her without taking his eyes from her. His thug tells him that she is new to this town. Kannamma is hitched and has two little girls. He adds that she is living separate from her significant other. He gets glad to hear it. He discovers that she is his uncle girl. He got blissful and hopes everything works out for to treat her. In the mean time, Bharathi stresses over his loved ones. Ganapathi surmise that Kannamma would have went to Shanmugam’s town. He fails to remember his town name. Bharathi got an area from obscure number. He speculated that Hema would have send it for him. Bharathi leaves from that point to find her.


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