Bharathi Kannamma 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Venba fantasizing Kannamma snickering at her. How she is feeling inside the cell? Doesn’t she wedded to her dearest companion Bharathi? Venba requests that she quit chuckling at her. Kannamma says that her state made her chuckle. Doesn’t she referenced herself as a miscreant yet she is locked inside the cell. She asks Venba how long she will remain inside the prison. It appears she will eat prison nourishment for a considerable length of time. Venba gets aggravate hearing her laugh.

Written Update Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode

She begins beating the lady remaining with her in the phone mixing up her as Kannamma. Superintendent surges close to them. Superintendent questions them what’s happening here? Prison mate imparts to her that Venba who went after her unexpectedly. She was jabbering alone and choke her neck. Police says that she used to specify Kannamma’s name frequently. Superintendent requests that they lock Venba alone in a cell. Or, in all likelihood she will kill others. Venba believes that she won’t leave Kannamma.Azhagar requests that Kannamma’s girls notice their name. Lakshmi and Hema specifies their name to them. Azhagar says that Kannamma kept Goddes name to Lakshmi. Why did she kept Hema name to her? Shanmugam lets him know that Hema lived with her dad. The two girls gets disheartened hearing his name. Thamarai grievances that the two children face changed subsequent to hearing him referenced about Bharathi. Kannamma requests that they eat the food. Lakshmi asks Shanmugam will Specialist come here looking for them?

Bharathi Kannamma

Shanmugam tells her that Bharathi won’t come here in light of the fact that its his local spot. Nobody mindful of this spot. He won’t come here look for them. Lakshmi requests that he quit referencing him as their dad. Shanmugam says that children was harmed as a result of him. Azhagar guarantees Kannamma that nobody will inconvenience them here. He previously educated the locals about him. There is sure guidelines and guidelines in this town. He can’t enter here without their permission.

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Ganapati illuminates Bharathi that he asked everybody about Kannamma. She settled here with Shanmugam. She joined kids in the school. Kannamma will come to this spot. How about we sit tight for her here. Ganapati illuminates him that Kannamma is coming. Ganapathi conceals seeing her.

Bharathi takes cover behind the point of support and sings ” Bharathi Kadhaliye” melody. Kannamma believes that she is daydreaming first. She gets goosebumps hearing that melody once more. She requests him to emerge. Bharathi grins at her. Kannamma glares him. Kannamma questions him how could he find her whereabout? Kannamma requests that he let her live in harmony. Bharathi says that he needs to live with her and children. How about we live respectively cheerfully. He is prepared to fall on her feet for this.

Bharathi begs her to go with him. He guarantees her that he won’t think her any longer. He won’t hurt her in the future. Kannamma asks him how long he will keep this commitment? Bharthi guarantees that he will keep this commitment until his passing. Kannamma says that it’s a phony commitment. He will keep this commitment untill a companion like Venba enters in his life. She will control him as quickly as possible. Bharathi denies it.

Kannamma says that she began her new life here. Quit disturbing them. Bharathi says that he won’t hurt her any longer. Kannamma requests that he leave her hand. Bharathi says that he won’t leave her hand until he accompany her. Kannamma says that she will yell for help. Bharthi says that he isn’t terrified of anybody. Residents encompass them there. They carries him to the panchayat. Town heads asks the issues between them. Bharathi attacks the panchayat head for jabbing their head in his own life.

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