Bigg Boss 16 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 13th December 2022

Today’s episode start with Salman Khan’s hello. He thanks fans for adoring the show. Salman says two trump cards went into the house. He meets detainees. Salman inquires as to whether he got comfortable the house. Vikas says he is yet as well. Salman says he will get settled soon. He further requests that Archana play out an errand and tell who is a functioning member in the show.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

Archana says Abdu is cherished by the crowd. She says Tina is happening in the game in light of her phony point. Salman inquires as to whether she is infatuated with Shalin. Tina expresses Shalin in companion as affection can’t occur so soon.Archana says Nimrit is struggling as she is reliant upon Shiv.

Bigg Boss 16

Tina says Abdu is the universally adored. She says Ankit isn’t doing well.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Shalin says Stan is doing great while Soudnarya isn’t as she gives content on food.

Nimrit says Ankit is struggling. She gives her vote to Abdu.

Shiv says Ankit is struggling. He says Sajid is doubtlessly giving substance. Sajid says thank you to Shiv.

Stan says Soundarya’s substance isn’t commendable. He gives his vote to Abdu.

Abdu asks Ankit isn’t working in the show. He applauds Sajid.

Sajid says Soundarya’s veggie lover battle was superfluous. He gives his vote to Shiv and says he is a derserving winner.

Sreejita says Shalin isn’t working in that frame of mind as he is only a devotee. She find Shiv more deserving.

Ankit says Nimrit isn’t doing anything. He gives his vote to Priyanka.

Priyanka support Stan and vote against Shalin in the task.

Sumbul says Nimrit is working in the game while Soundarya isn’t.

Soundarya calls Shalin exaggerating ki dukaan and says he isn’t working. She upholds Archana in the task.

Vikas says Stan isn’t keen on the game. He says Nimrit is doing well.

Salman says Abdu is working in the game. Ankit, Soudnarya and Shalin isn’t according to inmates.

Sajid tells Priyanka that he adores Ankit. He feels terrible for Ankit. Priyanka tells Sajid that she knows. Sajid says Vikas flipped over Stan. He further says he needs to understand what Ankit is fouling up in his captaincy.

Salman invite Shehnaaz on the stage. He reviews his gathering with Shehnaaz in bigg supervisor 13. Shehnaaz discuss Salman offering her chance in the film. Salman calls Shehnaaz skilled. Shehnaaz choose to barbecue Salman as he does. Salman advance Shehnaaz’s show. Shehnaaz play out an errand with Salman. She additionally moves on Mashaallah melody with the host.

Shehnaaz commit Dil Diyaan Gallan tune to Salman.

Shehnaaz invite MC Square on the stage. Salman share a discussion with MC Square. Shehnaaz and Square advance their chori song.

Shehnaaz and Square meet detainees. Shehnaaz requests that Sajid emerge from house and give her script.

Shehnaaz and Square interest Abdu to sing song.

Shehnaaz play out an errand with prisoners. She says she will pose inquiry in pair and one needs to reply in yes and negative. She calls Ankit and Archana.

Shehnaaz acclaim Priyanka’s down. She further plays out an undertaking with Ankit and Archana. Archana and Shiv perform next.

MC square gives one more undertaking to prisoners. He requests prisoners to kill disagreeableness from one another through the undertaking. Task began with Sajid and finished with Vikas.

Salman bother Abdu about embracing Shehnaaz. He further requests that prisoners educate their initial feeling concerning Shreejita and Vikas. He requests to tag special cases in light of ‘Angaar’ and ‘bangaar’

Sreejita wins the errand against Vikas.

Furthermore, Salman offer Shalin a chance to save Tina and Sumbul by losing 25 lakhs from prize cash. Shalin choose not to press the button. Salman says on one in the midst of Sumbul and Tina will get evicted.

Tina gets dispensed with. She meets Sajid, Stan and Shalin. Shalin won’t really accept that Tina is leaving. Tina requests that Shalin chill. Tina meets Priyanka.

Archana gets cheerful. Soundarya asks Archana not quiet. Archana tells Sreejita and Soundarya she can’t phony that she is sad

Shalin doubt that Tina didn’t met him and went. Priyanaka console Shalin.

Nimrit tells Shalin that he can talk in the event that he need.

Archana shares with Soundarya that Tina is out so that Shalin’s point can be made with her. Soundarya denies.

Sumbul inquires as to whether she can converse with Shalin. Sajid shares with Sumbul that it is her life and she can make choice.

Inmates examine about Tina.

Priyanka give her help to Shalin. Ankit request that Priyanka avoid Shalin and bother them.

Shiv, Nimrit and Sreejita giggle on Shalin seeing him getting profound for Tina. [Episode Ends]

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