Bigg Boss 16 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 14th December 2022

Episode starts with Ankit getting some information about making breakfast. She says let Tina just make it happen. Archana and Priyanka additionally concur. Everybody talks about food being late when Ankit goes to see. Archana jokes on how work is required all the more currently and how chief Ankit has changed his dressing sense. Abdu accompanies a rose bouquet to Nimrit. Nimrit gets flattered.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

In the kitchen, Vikas comes for food, he sees the food is as yet being cooked so he goes. Srijita says in the event that you need food at perfect opportunity, you ought to set up for some other option. Soundarya comes to let Archana know how Sri cut the bhindi fifty and put in the subzi. Archana giggles and says we can’t eat it as bugs will be there. Archana proceeds to insult Sri about how bhindi ought not be cut like this. Vikas additionally says till the end I thought it isn’t cooked. Archana giggles and lies on the floor. Archana snickers and shows Sri how the bhindi is made wrongly. Sri says fine don’t eat. Shiv and Nimrit discuss Archana making a major scene.Later, Vikas flies off the handle with Sri for making food like what they can’t eat. Sri says Archana is causing a ruckus and you are being caught in it. Archana snickers saying Soundarya isn’t veggie lover any longer as she ate bhindi which has bugs. They all laugh.

Bigg Boss 16

At night, Abdu wishes Nimrit. Nimrit says thanks to him and they nod off. Following day, alert rings and everybody start with Zumba class. Sajid and MC Stan notice them all and giggle. Afterward, Priyanka and Ankit battle about how Priyanka’s voice is exceptionally insubordinate. Sri comes and attempts to make things quiet however Ankit doesn’t converse with Priyanka. Priyanka says this is my ordinary voice. Ankit likewise insults back and Priyanka says is this your main avenue for affection? Priyanaka goes.

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Tina and Shalin are discussing the way that Shalin’s way of behaving is going against his activity. Vikas says you ought to have the option to demonstrate it right? Shalin says I will when everything looks good. Tina says you shouldn’t have let your companion go just na. Shalin says we will talk later. He goes.

Sajid and MC advise Nimrit to make it clear to Abdu that she has a sweetheart. Nimrit says yet I have made sense of him that it’s unrealistic. Sajid says yet reason is significant as he wants to propose to you. Nimrit says did he say this? Sajid says OK. Here, Ankit expresses sorry to Priyanka. Priyanka says you understood as Sri was there, I simply needed to hit the dance floor with you yet you couldn’t have cared less. Ankit says I’m heartbroken. Ankit takes Priyanka inside the skipper room and kisses her forehead.

In the washroom, Tina and Shalin have a warmed contention about how Tina is harming a result of Shalin’s activity. Shalin says you are not listening as it were. Tina says I’m simply harming as I have seen this reality. Afterward, Sri comes requesting bread as Archana says Tina had new bundle. Nimrti says I will eat the fellowshipped and give the great bread to Abdu, I can’t deal with this battle about food always.

Archana comes to kitchen and insults Tina about not giving bread for Abdu. Tina goes to Shalin and Vikas letting them know how she provided for MC yet presently everybody is after them. Archana goes to Shiv and informs him concerning how Tina is so childish. Shalin requests that she disregard Archana. Tina makes sandwiches and gives them all. Shiv, MC and Nimrit discuss how it’s not necessary to focus on Sandwich yet it’s tied in with making an issue, prior Abdu was essential to everybody except today they are neglecting even the fundamental humanity.

Later, huge supervisor declares how Ankit is getting a charge out of giving undertakings yet he needs to likewise see the standards are observed, and the guidelines are made back the initial investment today. Sajid requests that Ankit fare thee well. Afterward, Shiv and MC stand in the hall where Shiv shows MC about how Shalin is behaving like devdas here in this passageway. Shiv behaves like Shalin and they laugh.

Later, Large Manager assembles everybody in the nursery region. He reports that he will call contenders and they need to take position in the edge. He calls for Shalin, Tina, Soundarya, Priyanka and Sumbul. He insults them to be an ideal family. Large manager declares that Ankit is not any more the ruler. Large manager says everybody is seen dozing, Ankit was the last lord, from this point there will be no ruler or sovereign, presently I will give captaincy to 3 individuals, and those will be from them.

Big supervisor makes sense of the errand about how there will be 5 signals and everytime the rest will come and past pictures of three chose hopefuls and draw their rest of the body and in the event that the craftsman changes in next ringer, they can dispose of the representation or they can proceed. The undertaking begins. Rest of them choose rhe request and battle about not allowing Ankit to continue any bell in light of majority.

Priyanka says they won’t allow Ankit to go as he will decide in favor of me. The primary ringer rings and Archana goes first. Ankit attempts to persuade and battle to go on one round. Shiv and Sajid disagrees. Ankit says you all are simply playing filthy. Sajid says last time everybody was against Sumbul as well. Vikas additionally enjoys the fight.

Bigg manager requests that Archana depict the story behind the representation. Archana says I used to make kid’s shows so I made this. Archana chooses her decision to be – Soundarya, Priyanka and Shalin. Archana says I’m disturbed from Sumbul that she forfeited 25 lakhs from our award cash for her captaincy. Sumb battles saying Priyanka likewise did likewise. Archana says Sumbul began it so every other person did. Priyanka and Sumbul begin battling. Archana then makes sense of how Tina does such countless things wrong so she ought not be captain.

Second ringer rings and Abdu comes. Abdu disposes of the canvas and starts another one. Nimrit and Ankit accumulate votes in favor of themselves about who will go fifth. Sajid says I need to go on fifth at this point. Nimrit says I told from starting. Archana says Sajid additionally needs to go now, amazing. Sajid says Nimrit you are annoyed with me yet I’m simply trying you. Nimrit makes sense of her point. Ankit says I’m alright with Sajid.

Abdu chooses Tina, Sumbul and Shalin and afterward shows them the artistic creation. Sri comes on the third bell. Sri chooses Priyanka, Soundarya and Shalin and shows her canvas. Shiv continues fourth bell. Ankit says it’s all regarding your gathering, you all didn’t actually examine. Sajid advises Nimrit to choose three young ladies and two ought to be Sumbul and Soundarya. Nimrit says however I don’t need Priyanka. Sajid says simply remember this. Nimrit agrees.

Shiv chooses Tina, Sumbul and Shalin. In the fifth signal Nimrit goes. Ankit and Archana lash out with Sajid that he didn’t go. Sajid says she is going for my benefit, she is my companion and she requested favor. Archana says I likewise need to request favor, you are playing incorrectly Sajid ji. Sajid disregards them.

The task closes and Nimrit chooses, Tina, Sumbul and Soundarya. Priyanka says now Ankit will trust me rather than Sajid. Priyanka says all of you are unreasonable it’s OK. Tina encourages Sumbul to play for her and not educate others. Tina imparts her bliss to Vikas. Shalin says individuals change a ton, I forfeited for herself and she is doing this. Shalin tells this to Sri also. Sajid lets Shiv know that perhaps I fouled up. Ankit says yet it worked out. Afterward, Nimrit comes and Sajid inquires as to whether Priyanka is a superior skipper or Tina. Nimrit is quiet. Shiv says it’s OK leave the point. Sajid comes to Ankit and Priyanka and lets them know how he believed her should turn into the commander as he saw her flourish. Priyanka says now what is the point you ought to have followed up on it.

In room, MC and Sumbul are discussing MCs gift from home. In the chief room, Soundarya and Tina request that Sumbul come. Shalin converses with Sumbul and requests that she think about his solicitations for room assignments. Shalin plays casualty when Sumbul requests that he be quiet. Shalin says allow me one second. Sumbul says take time and contemplate it, then you will feel far improved. Soundarya lets Shalin know that we have left our discussions as well so let us discuss.

Later, Sumbul enlightens Sajid and MC concerning Shalin’s discussion. Sajid requests that she not engage Shalin. Sumbul cries and gets out whatever would it be a good idea for me to do on the off chance that somebody comes to me? Sumbul says nobody is paying attention to me. Sajid says simply think about our advance notice. Sumbul cries and goes. Shiv signals Sajid and MC to simply concur with her. Sumbul comes and says I truly give you all need. Shiv makes her hydrate and quiets her. Sajid says we are only defensive of you nothing else, you can converse with everybody no issues. Shiv and MC talk, Shiv says I tracked down couple of things peculiar today in task. Sajid imparts to Shalin how Sumbul says that he is continuously coming to her. Shalin says I just went to demand her something.

Episode ends.

Precap – Archana and Sumbul have a battle in the kitchen over Sumbul’s choices being a captian.

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