Bigg Boss 16 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 15th December 2022

Today’s episode began with Day 73 at 8:45 AM: prisoners perform zumba with their coach. Sajid and Stan partake in their coffee.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

10 AM: Tina chats with Shalin. Shalin answers discourteously. Tina asks Shalin not to act like the manner in which he is doing along these lines. Shalin overlooks TinaSumbul inquires as to whether everybody will cook on their own then it will be issue. Soudarya asks who is cooking. Sumbul takes Sreejita and Priyanka’s name. She says just Nimrit can cook as she is appointed. Sumbul requests that Sreejita advise Nimrit anything she desires to have. Sreejita agree.

Bigg Boss 16

10:30 AM: Sreejtia tells Soundarya that Sumbul doesn’t pick the battle straightforwardly. Soundara agree.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Archana, Tina and Vikas appreciates together.

Soundarya requests that Archana plan tea later. Sumbul requests that Archana ease off from the kitchen. Soudnarya asks Sumbul not to hop as she can converse with Archana. Sumbul gets resolute. Archana says she is simply utilizing one gas. Archana says Sumbul awakened her and presently she is ravenous accordingly she will prpare tea. Soundarya requests that Archana hang tight for 10 mins. Archana denies. Sumbul guarantee Archana is pushing her.

Sajid says every one of the three chiefs has their own rule.

Sreejita share with Priyanka that Nimrit hurt her.

11:15 AM: Shalin asks Nimrit when he will eat. Nimrit says it has a time.

Sreejita tells Sumbul that assuming that Archana will cook than all will follow the same.

Priyanka requests breakfast. Abdu contends with Priyanka. Priyanka tells Abdu that she isn’t chatting with him

Shalin share with Priyanka that Nimrit utilized an impolite tone with her too.

12 PM: Archana requests that Tina give her partner in making chapatis. Tina refuse

Shalin tell to Vikas that Nimrit would not give breakfast before 2 hours. Vikas tell to Shalin that he is powerless along these lines others are answering rudely.

Sreejita and Nimrit talk with one another about Shalin

1:15 PM: Sreejita, Soundarya and Nimrit discuss Vikas and his Punjabi highlight. Shalin misconstrued and go up against Sreejita assuming she is provoking him. Nirmit and Sreejita apologize to Shalin.

Priyanka, Ankit and Vikas discuss mandali. Vikas says resistance isn’t joined too.

Shalin calls Tina fake.

3:15 PM: Bigg manager asks Sumbul she is skipper however her mandala is resting. Sumbul says she alerted.

Bigg manager requests that detainees accumulate in living region. He requests that Shalin press the signal before him.

Bigg supervisor says Sumbul, Tina and Soundarya will get an open door assuming one among the three will press the buzzer.

Archana tells Tina that she can’t cook alone. Tina says yet Archana has consistently guaranteed she can deal with alone. Archana says all are getting assistant and she really wants too.

Nimrit requests that Sumbul not leave the bell. Priyanka requests that Soundarya stand close to the ringer too.

5:15 PM: Soundarya figure out how to press the bell first. Archana and Soundarya get blissful. Soundarya requests that Vikas come to the parlor. Tina asks Vikas too.

Bigg manager tests Sumbul’s sanity for not ready to press the button.

5:30 PM: Bigg supervisor requests that Soundarya accumulate everybody at the action region for selection. Task start with Abdu. Bigg supervisor asks whosoever needs to press the bell can lift the hand. No prisoners choose Abdu.

Archana comes next. She gets saved from selection too.

5:45 PM: Archana choose Sumbul and says she is a frail competitor. Sumbul gets saved as just Archana squeezed the buzzer.

Ankit, Vikas, Priyanka and Archana select Shiv. Shiv Thakare gets assigned present Soundarya reject on save him.

Sajid, Sumbul, Shiv, Nimrit and Stan name Priyanka. Soundarya saves Priyanka from the nomination.

Ankit, Vikas, Archan and Priyanka vote in favor of Nimrit. Sumbul calls Priyanka Kachra. Priyanka contends witth Sumbul. Priyanka and Sumbul in constant conflict. Soundarya save Nimrit for nomination.

6:30 PM: Archana, Sajid and Sreejita, name Tina. Soundarya will not save Tina.

6:45 PM: Shiv, Nimrit, Stan, Sumbul, Archana and Sajid select Shalin. Soundarya will not save Shalin. Shalin gets nominated.

No one assigned Stan.

Shalin, Tina, Archana name Sajid. Soudnarya will not save Sajid.

Archana, Shiv, Nimrit, Tina, Stan and Sajid assign Ankit. Soundarya saves Ankit from nomination.

7:15 PM: Priyanka and Shiv clash on nomination.

Sreejita grievance to Stan on saying he doesn’t chat with ladies. Stan asks Sreejita not to depict him wrong. Sreejita stands firm against Stan. Both contend with each other.

Shalin share with Vikas that Nimrit isn’t confide in commendable. Vikas tells Shalin that he is inept for confiding in Nimrit.

Stan chooses to depict Sreejita wrong like the way she did.

7:30 PM: Stan gets pissed with Sreejita and vent out at Shiv and Sumbul.

Shalin examine with Tina about Sumbul and says she is charlatan. Afterward, Shalin says he is missing OG Tina. [Episode Ends]

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