Bigg Boss 16 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 16th December 2022

Today’s episode began with Bigg manager telling about Selection task.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

Day 73 at 7:45 PM: Sajid asks his mandali on the off chance that they are discussing him. Nimrit asks Sajid for what good reason he is furious. Sajid shares with Nimrit that since she is saved. Nimrit says she didn’t request that Soundarya save her. Sajid grumbling his mandali for insulting him when he saved Ankit. Nimrit guards. Sajid expresses assuming that there is mandali than there is no equilibrium in them. He guarantee Nimrit is companion of Soundarya. Nimrit denies and says Soundarya just gave back. Sajid will not trust Nimrit.9:15 PM: Tina cases to Shalin that he isn’t steadfast towards her. Shalin can’t help contradicting Tina. He shares with Tina that he is steadfast towards her yet she continues to address. Shalin gets infuriated with Tina. He requests that Tina continue on and begin confiding in him. Tina requests that Shalin mind his language. Shalin requests that Tina be genial and have confidence in him. Tina shares with Shalin that there is no straightforwardness in their relationship. She guarantee he continues to get into mischief with her.

Bigg Boss 16

Tina tells Shalin that in light of his animosity no young lady will accompany him. Shalin gets pissed.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

9:30 PM: Abdu grumbling to Sajid for not interpreting regardless of he continues to inquire. Sajid denies. He tells Abdu that everybody knows ‘aedha banke peda khata hai’ Abdu.

’10 PM: Shiv shares with Sajid that Nimrit is faithful to mandali however she is playing outside as well. Sajid and Stan agree.

Vikas requests that Tina punch Shalin.

Shiv says Tina is again sitting in both the team.

Shalin share with Vikas that he miss Tina. Vikas tells Shalin that he is simply embarrassing himself.

2 AM: Shalin talk with Tina, Priyanka and Ankit. He says in other group there are 6 people groups and there side 7.

Tina says it will be fun on the off chance that disposal happens from other team.

Day 74 at 8 AM: prisoners assemble to sing Bigg manager Anthem.

8:45 AM: Sajid share a discussion with Abdu. He shares with Abdu that he is his companion. Vikas discuss mandala with Shalin. Shalin says no mandala simply all are following each other to go on in the game.

Sajid talk with Stan and says he saved Sumbul and Ankit however he, when all is said and done, got nominated.

Vikas, Shalin and Tina examine end. Shalin says nobody is getting wiped out. Vikas blows up on Shalin for tending to him by abusing.

Priyanka shares with Sreejita that she can’t cook for 14 people.

Archana requests that Ankit cause Priyanka to comprehend to prepare the food. Ankit says why he will converse with Priyanka. Archana guarantee since he is companion. She further says on the off chance that Priyanka will receive a chance to do house word consequently of getting saved in designation than she will perform. Priyanka contends with Archana

11:45AM: Priyanka requests that Archana taste the poha made by her. Archana choose to show Priyanka a lesson.

Abdu says that he can have Abdu. Soundarya and Archana choose to request that Priyanka cook separate nourishment for Abdu.

12:15 PM: Priyanka cook poha for Abdu.

12;30 PM: Archana go up against Priyanka about getting pissed when she was approached to cook poha for Abdu. Priyanka says it was not her obligation. Archana and Priyanka contends with one another post last option guarantee she also takes help in doing cooking.

Archana will not prepare food Priyanka. She calls Priyanka canine. Ankit requests that Priyanka avoid Archana. Archana calls Priyanka ‘ Teri Jaisi Ladki’. Priyanka requests that Archana characterize what is teri jaisi ladki.

1:15 PM: Archana tells Vikas that her mom bite the dust assuming she lie yet she never took help in performing obligation. Priyanka and Vikas ask Archana not to discuss her mom. Archana and Priyanka clash. Ankit side Priyanka.

Nimrit, Stan and Shiv appreciate Ankit, Priyanka and Archana argument.

Archana calls Priyanka insane canine. Soundarya requests that Archana stop. Archana separates post her battle with Priyanka.

Stan calls Priyanka cold heart. Archana break her companionship with Priyanka.

1:30 PM: Soundarya inquires as to whether he can make mixture. Vikas says that he will help in cooking and can clean bathroom.

1:45 PM: Tina and Soundarya contend with one another over designating obligations. Archana requests that Tina give her lunch duty.

4:40 PM: Abdu sings. Sumbul, Sreejita and Soundarya enjoys.

Tina shares with Priyanka that Abdu has now become partial.

Soundarya figures out how to press the bell once more. Bigg manager give her honor for the following task.

Bigg supervisor makes sense of the proportion task. Soundarya gets a chance to start the undertaking. Prisoners play out the proportion task.

Sajid and Stan guarantee task is unjustifiable for Abdu as he don’t have height.

6:30 PM: Apportion task proceeds. Abdu battles to get the ration.

Bigg supervisor go up against Abdu in the event that he delighted in taking part the assignment or not. Abdu says he is content with the task.

Shalin chats with Priyanka and says Stan would have perfomed task for the benefit of Abdu assuming that he was feeling so bad.

Vikas asks Abdu not to get impacted by anybody.

8 PM: Shalin be a tease Priyanka. Ankit choose to play with Tina. Priyanka and Archana fix up.

Later, Shalin protest to Vikas about scrutinizing his gravity. [Episode Ends]

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