Bigg Boss 16 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 17th December 2022

Today’s episode began with Day 75 at 8 AM: prisoners assemble to sing bigg supervisor anthem.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

8:30 AM: Shiv and Stan inquires as to whether he grasp their discussion or not. Abdu says he sees little now.Soundarya requests that Priyanka cook breakfast. Priyanka will not cook. Soundarya requests that Priyanka make methi paratha. Priyanka requests that Soundarya request that Abdu help her in hacking. Archana gets insulted. Priyanka inquires as to whether she is having issue than she can help Abdu in hacking. Priyanka and Archana contend. Abdu converses with Nimrit and says Priyanka and Archana continue to yell. Nimrit calls Archana and Priyanka crazy.

Bigg Boss 16

11:45 AM: Archana guarantee Priyanka is saving apportion and serving less. Priyanka and Archana lock horns.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Priyanka tells Ankit that Archana has an issue in the event that she assumes control over the kitchen. Ankit requests that Priyanka overlook Archana. Archana says Priyanka is saving apportion for Ankit and her. Priyanka separates with Archana’s accusation.

Priyanka says Archana is a miscreant. Shalin, Sreejita and Soundarya console Priyanka. Ankit requests that Priyanka overlook Archana.

2:45 PM: Priyanka requests that Archana give bread and take avocado. Archana won’t give the break.

3 PM: Shalin choose to give bread to Priyanka. Archana inquires as to whether he will give bread to Priyanka than she won’t cook chicken for him. Shalin and Vikas gets irritated with Archana.

Sajid talk with his mandali and guarantee Priyanka and Archana’s battle is an arrangement. Shiv agrees.

3:30 PM: Archana requests that Soundarya not miss the bell. She requests that Tina be ready. Tina sits close to bell. Soudnarya requests that Tina be a game. Tina says she will sit where she wants.

6:30 PM: Tina figures out how to press the signal. Soundarya says Tina cheated as she was sitting close to the ringer. Tina says bigg supervisor didn’t asked not to sit near

Bigg manager makes sense of the BB Library task. He separates the house into two groups. Sreejita and Vikas turns into the tyrant of the assignment. Both the groups will contend in making BB bread rolls. Sreejita and Vikas will pronounce the victor and can send on competitor to the library.

5 PM: Sajid choose to go to the library.

5: 30 PM: Bigg manager requests that Sajid pick one choice in the midst of captaincy petitioner, letter by fans or letter from a family

Sajid pick captaincy petitioner for Soundarya and says he vowed to her. Soundarya gets happy.

Tina asks Nimrit not to send Archana else she will pick Priyanka for captaincy petitioner. Archana and Priyanka choose to join for a game.

Shiv faces Sajid about picking Soundarya. Sajid says he vowed to Soundarya. Shalin choose to go second if their group wins.

Vikas says Shalin, Nimrit, Archana, Shiv, Priyanka and Tina group wins.

5:45 PM: Nimrit’s group battle to pick which competitor to go inside the library. Nimrit gets resolute to go.

6 PM: Nimrit decide to peruse letter from her home. Her folks acclaim her game and request to keep growing.

6:15 PM: Archana choose to play out the undertaking. Priyanka conflicts with Archana. Tem dark lose the undertaking. Soundarya says thanks to Sajid for supporting her. Sajid favor Soundarya.

6:30 PM: Group white sends Ankit. Bigg manager gives choice to Ankit. Ankit pick captaincy inquirer for Abdu. Group white gestures of recognition Abdu.

6:45 PM: Group dark and group white contend. Sajid and Ankit clear their misconception. Sajid grievance Ankit for charging him for taking eggs. Ankit acclaim Ankit.

7 PM: Group dark successes. Shalin choose to go. Sajid asks Nimrit’s group to Priyanka. Nimrit and Shiv asks Sajid for what reason he continues to help Priyanka.

Archana will not allow Shalin to go to the libraray.

7:15 PM: Bigg manager requests that Vikas and Srejita declare the name. Sreejita says Shalin needs to go inside the library.

7:30 PM: Shalin read the letter from his father.

Shalin vow to his dad that he will cause him to feel pleased. He says he is attempting to turn into a decent child, human and a father.

Shalin peruses a letter from his dad. He breaks down.

Archana tells Sreejita that Priyanka generally play against her. She chooses to never chat with Priyanka.

Soundarya and Abdu turns into the captaincy inquirer. Bigg supervisor requests that Tina pick one in the midst of Vikas and Sreejita for captaincy petitioner. Tina picks Vikas.

7:45 PM: Abdu apologizes to Sajid for harming. Sajid requests that Abdu not think he is greater than the show. Sreejita requests that Soundarya become skipper at any cost.

8 PM: Archana won’t cook chicken. Vikas contends with Archana. He says Archana is uneducated. Sreejita requests that Archana take a stand.

10 PM: Sajid requests that Abdu leave Nimrit ask she has a beau outside. He defies Nimrit why she didn’t told to Abdu that she has a beau. Nimrit says she let him know not many days prior. Sajid requests that Abdu quit acting like a Nimrit’s beau. Sajid guidance Abdu and Nimrit to have a conversation.

10:30 PM: Sajid protest to Nimrit about keeping Abdu in a dim. He says Abdu was going to propose Nimrit. Nimrit says she told Abdu. Sajid and Nimrit contend with each other.

11 PM: Abdu inquires as to whether she fine. Nimrit dodges Abdu. Abdu says he is vexed for Nimrit. Sajid says Nimrit is grown-up and can deal with her

11:45 PM: Shiv requests that Nimrit explain to Abdu about her sweetheart. Nimrit tells to Abdu. Abdu says he comprehends. Nimrit guarantee Sajid is focusing on her and attempting to make her miscreant. Sajid shields (Episode Ends)

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