Bigg Boss Tamil 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss Tamil Written Update 13th December 2022

The show starts with Kamal Hasan goes into the stage and welcomes the crowd. Kamal imparts to the crowd that once Bharathi said ” Vaitathalaimai kol”. Today his words turns valid. India got administration in G-20. He wishes to see more triumph of India. He adds that last week house was quiet. He requests that they watch the Friday episode.

Written Update Bigg Boss Tamil Today Episode

Day 61 at 9.30 pm, Amudhavanan tells Janany that she has the options to choose or specify who is the best entertainer here. Others reserve the options to scrutinize her. She could take everything playful. She just referenced poori will come in her theatrics. She didn’t draw out that ” Arathu Vanathi” job there. She did her personality for the sake of entertainment. Everybody appreciated it. She shouldn’t have referenced them like that dramatic. She needed to ask them for what valid reason didn’t they encourages her to change her personality while task going on. Rather she addressed them where did they lost their sense when she was performing. It’s an incorrect method for passing this matter on to them. That is the reason Azeem, ADK got angry.Azeem shares with Vickram that he was harmed when Janany referenced like that finally. Vickram says that she would have utilized care word rather than sense. Indeed, even Smash prompted Janany that she utilized wrong word there. Janany protests that Azeem tossed many words here. Be that as it may, he couldn’t care less about everything. Her little words hurted her a ton it appears. Slam consents to her places. Amudhavanan tells her that they will fail to remember this occurrence in two days. How about we proceed to eat food.

Bigg Boss Tamil

At 9.40 pm, Manikandan tells Mynaa that Vickram said that housemates are not permitting him to say his perspective. Manikandan adds that his point was bad. For that reason he didn’t allow him to talk when Azeem performed. Aysha says that he referenced that they are not valuing his ability. Mynaa says that he was off-base. He got best entertainer when he played Ekambari pillainga show. At the point when he was performing great they gave the appreciation to him. Manikandan says that he played captaincy task. Aysha says that Azeem has freedoms to talk this. Since everybody stay away from him specifically time. That’s what manikandan acknowledges. He adds that he was playful. He used to get together with them with regards to game.

Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Vickram tells Azeem that Occasionally Manikandan acts looks discourteous to him. Azeem lets him know that he is a decent individual and his personality likewise great. Vickram adds that everybody are evolving. Azeem lets him know that they needs to see manything here. Vickram says that he faces manything we should confront this too.

At 1.25 am, Vickram protests to Shivin that when he was asking the housemates about the issues. They are not paying all due respects to him and dodges him. It’s stinging him a great deal. Shivin shares with him assuming he start it once more. This issues will drag more. She encourage him to leave this matter.

Day 62 at 11.30 am, Amudhavanan illuminates to ADK that he saw a fantasy. In his fantasy ADK and Amudhavanan are finalist. Kamal reported ADK as champ and Amudhavanan as sprinter. Dhanalakshmi shares with him that drems won’t work out. ADK says that he fears that he will be removed tomorrow.

At 6.30 pm, Manikandan picks Preethi’s book of joy. He gifts the blender to Mynaa thinking she was his dear companion inside and outside the house.

Kamal goes into the stage and talks with the housemates. He values Amudhavanan for his astonishing acting. He asks them how was the lunch? They valued the lunch. Kamal values Manikandan for turned into a chief of the house third time. He asks him what new changes he came to the house as a commander? Manikandan lets him know that it was entertaining. Not a lot different. Kamal gets some information about it. Vickram says that not a lot different. Everybody are washing their own plates. He requests that Vickram and Shivin eliminate their board. Dhanalakshmi says that everybody are taking care of their own responsibilities in the apprehension about most obviously terrible and best performer.

Kamal values Kathir’s dance execution. Kathir expresses gratitude toward him. He commends Shivin for did her phantom job. He values Ratchitha for being in her job generally. He values her ability. He says that ADK lived in that job like Boganandha. He says that Slam cake out of his usual range of familiarity and assumed his part well. Smash expresses gratitude toward him. He lauded Azeem’s job. Crowd applauds him. He adds that he felt others would have shown diffence in their role.

Kamal says that Amudhavanan’s presentation shocked him a ton. For that reason he valued him first. He did double job. He asks Amudhavanan to impart to crowd for what reason did he sat outside? When he send food to them? Amudhavanan says that his job was Mr. Radha job. He fell wiped out in last episode. Nobody will permit him to go into inside the house seeing his appearance. That is the reason he sat outside to legitimize his job. Aside from that he figured housemates will feel awkward seeing his make up. So he sat outside not to upset them. Be that as it may, nobody gave food to him and occupied in eating their food. Kamal says that everybody will attempt to fill their own stomach first. Kamal makes an effort break.

Kamal requests that the housemates bring the things from store room. Janany brings a plate from the store room. Kamal says that this dark spot demonstrating mole. In film the majority of the camouflage job utilized this mole to conceal their character. Who isn’t showing their genuine face following 60 days as well. Azeem puts the mole on Ratchitha thinking he had more demands on her. Yet, she frustrated him. She isn’t flying off the handle here yet concealing it behind her grin. Aysha gives the mole to Vickram thinking he was depicting himself as really great for crowd. Manikandan gives mole to Ratchitha thinking he figured she will fly off the handle for little things. Be that as it may, she is grinning there. ADK gives the mole to Kathir thinking he isn’t showing his one more face here. Mynaa gives mole to Slam thinking he was opening up whenever he gets an open door. He isn’t showing his full ability here. Kamal says that she played safe game.

Amudhavanan gives the mole to Mynaa thinking he knew her outside. She used to tell wisecracks and flies off the handle pronto. As indicated by him she isn’t genuine here. She is phony here. Dhanalakshmi gives the mole to Vickram thinking he is depicting himself as great to everybody for crowd. Vickram asks him does she saw his discussion or his meeting? Dhanalakshmi says that one individual not ready to discuss rules and privileges. Kamal asks Vickram to don’t interfere. He will gives opportunity to him to make sense of later.

Janany gives the mole to Mynaa thinking she was faking herself. Shivin gives the mole to Ratchitha thinking she saw her appearance outrage on Azeem when he sat on reactor seat. She talks reasonable. She even questions whether Ratchitha has this face as well. Kamal requests that Ratchitha make sense of it. Ratchitha says that she was giving her all here. She used to try not to take negative contemplations in her. It’s her breaking point. Azeem gestures negative. Kamal says that he was shaking in adversely. Ratchitha says that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why he felt like that. Vickram gives his clarification to him. Mynaa adds that she is a humor individual. Housemate are not setting off her. For that reason she isn’t getting angry.

Kamal asks the housemates does anybody feeling that they showed partiality giving gift. Dhanalakshmi says that she saw favourisim there. Ratchitha says that she got least sum in the errand. Manikandan got cash additional it’s not really for his presentation but rather out of adoration. He was a typical individual here. Indeed, even Mynaa got additional cash in the subsequent round. Azeem likewise acknowledges that. He gets the housemates point of view one by one.

Kamal shows the ousting card to them. Slam name was in it. He requests that he meet him outside. Slam gets profound farewell from housemates. Kamal plays his Bigg Supervisor venture video. He appreciates it. Kamal wishes good luck to him. He leaves from there.

Episode end

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