Bigg Boss Tamil 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss Tamil Written Update 15th December 2022

The show starts with Day 64 at 10.05 pm, Heavenly messengers and Villains task proceeding. Manikandan asks Mynaa about Vickram’s proclamation. Mynaa tells him that he shared with her that he could do without them giving undesirable ideas to him. Assuming that they need idea he will ask them for it. He added that Shivin shared with him. Shivin clears her that she didn’t said that way. Mynaa tells her that Vickraman referenced it. Assuming she have any questions she can get some information about it.

Written Update Bigg Boss Tamil Today Episode

At 10.15 pm, Shivin asks Vickraman did he told Mynaa that Shivin making undesirable conversation in the house. Vickram clears her that he just said when Shivin came undesirable conversation was going on. Quit befuddling herself. Shivin asks him did he said after she came undesirable conversation occurred. Vikram says that she isn’t grasping him by any stretch of the imagination. She is making superfluous show here. Shivin requests that he talk after he figures out the circumstance. Shivin asks him does he know what was happening in the kitchen? Vickram says that she jabbed her head in Dhanalakshmi’s matter. That is the reason issues began there. Shivin says that she didn’t jab her head in it. Assuming he has question clear it with Dhanalakshmi.Vickram questions Dhanalakshmi about it. She deny it. Shivin says that Vickram doesn’t have the foggiest idea what occurred there? He don’t have a reasonable knowlege about this issue. Then how is it that she could denounce her. Vickram says that he in no way want to pull her down like that. Shivin says that he referenced her name that is the reason she is clearing her stand to him. Vikram says that he can comprehend that she is having a go at something to outline him.

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At 10.30 pm, Azeem and ADK are sitting in the nursery. Vickram tells him that he referenced Undesirable conversation was going on when Shivin come. He referenced like that since they referenced about Azeem first. What’s going on in it. Shivin isn’t figuring out his perspective and interrogating him regarding it. ADK says that she might be in her disarray. Afterward, Shivin shares with Mynaa that she would rather not make another show over this issue. It’s anything but something major to examine about that little matter. Mynaa solaces her.

Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

If she give clarification to this. Then he will begin another issues from it. She is truly disappointed mulling over everything. She would rather not a meddling subject here. As a chief she is encouraging her to proceed with her work. Shivin says that she will submit to her as a commander. She has all options to express it to her however she needs to illuminate the cooking group to don’t call her for their assistance. She won’t work with them. Mynaa gestures with her.

At 11.05 pm, Amudhavanan and Kathir are singing a tune for ADk. ADK show a feline stroll there. He appreciates their singing

At 11.35 pm, Vickraman attempts to persuade Shivin. She asks him to don’t converse with her. She would rather not talk with him. She begs him to let her be. She is now tired. Vikram clears to her that he truly don’t meant it that way. It was a slip-up. Shivin says that she don’t want to make another issues here. Vickram apologize to her assuming he harms her.

Day 65 at 8.30 am, Morning awaken tune plays inside the house and Housemates are moving for the melody” Unakkul Mirugan” then, at that point, welcomes each other

At 9.10 am, Mynaa asks Amudhavanan doesn’t he playing Holy messenger task. How could he turn into a heavenly messenger here? Amudhavanan says that he wa a conceived holy messenger. She converses with him like a kid. In the mean time, ADK tells Kathir that he enjoyed the Nithyanantha task. Aside from that moronic battle it was a decent errand. He loves to play such Errand. Mynaa asks Manikandan whom sent him to heavenly messenger. He says that he got immense votes and takes him to their holy messenger group. In the mean time, Dhanalakshmi and Janany are examining about Azeem. Janany says that Azeem attempts to make pointless issues with her. Yet, she figured out his arrangement and made fun there. Dhanalakshmi says that he was doing it deliberately. She figures out it. She didn’t respond to it. Azeem didn’t anticipate it. Amudhavanan says that he will do nothing without a plan.

At 11.00 am, Mynaa requests that Azeem wash the vessels. Azeem requests that she call Amudhavanan thinking it’s his shift. Mynaa requests that Amudhavanan wash the vessels. Kitchen group needs vessels to cook. Amudhavanan says that he cleared vessels. Ratchitha says that Heavenly messenger Amudhavanan shouldn’t blow up on others. Azeem protests that he didn’t see him working in vessels washing group yet. Amudhavanan protests that he washed vessels in morning however he didn’t see him in his group. Both are squabbling about this issue.

At 1.30 pm, Shivin peruses the new Fiend and Holy messengers task data from the Bigg Chief. She illuminates them that Housemates picked 4 individuals as a heavenly messenger relies upon there great characters. They will live in paradise with all offices. Yet, remaining housemates will remain in damnation. There is just two methods for arriving at paradise. Assuming that they cross the holy messengers and arrive at paradise they are permitted to remain there. Another choice is to persuade Heavenly messengers and participate in their group. The people who gets found out while going. They will get discipline from Bigg Boss.

At 2.20 pm, ADK shares with Manikandan that he needs to keep a nearby watch on Azeem. Since he is sufficiently able to cross them. He will utilize his power to cross them.
Manikandan guarantees him that he will not permit him. ADK told a wisecrack there. Vickram asks him will they yell like phantom? He denies it. ADK says that it’s great they are securing Azeem in isolated cell or, more than likely their ears will burst out in his voice.

At 2.40 pm, Holy messengers are locking Satan’s inside the phone individually. Heavenly messengers are chatting with Satan’s impolite. Bigg Manager requests that the holy messengers keep the key with them. Azeem says that he wil fry them in container after he become an angel.

At 3.10 pm, Demon are attempting to eliminate the key and open the cell. Amudhavanan says that they will rebuff them serious assuming they secures the bring before them. Dhanalakshmi portrays the principles to Janany. Amudhavanan attempts to take the key from them. Dhanalakshmi says that it’s their obligation to safeguard it. They don’t reserve the options to grab it from them. Ratchitha says that they needs to stop them opening their phones and stop them going into paradise. So clearly safeguarding key likewise their assignment. Dhanalakshmi says that it’s not in rules. She will protest to Bigg Supervisor about it. Janany eliminates the key and open her cell.

At 3.20 pm, Azeem tells Amudhavanan that they are evil presences they can utilize any methodology to eliminate the key and open the cell. In the interim, Manikandan and Amudhavanan are tossing counterfeit snakes on Janany and Dhanalakshmi to terrify them. Dhanalakshmi begs them to eliminate it. Azeem requests that Vickram conceal the key. Kathir is seeing him dealing with it. He protests that he has great assessment on them however they demolished it.

At 3.40 pm, Azeem opens his cell. Kathir sees it and grabbed the key from him. he confounded him. Mynaa conceals the key from their sight. Amudhavanan reports to everybody that which evil spirit remains silent will be permitted to play the Cycling task. Azeem requests that they give tea. Amudhavanan says that they shouldn’t show any blessing to them.

At 3.45 pm, Manikandan shares with Azeem that aside from Ratchitha others are had the right to go to Designation free errand. He sees that Mynaa open the cell and stops her. ADK shares with Azeem that it’s loss to go to paradise now. Assuming we go to that group on last day it’s will give positive focuses to them. How about we behave like great evil spirits. Bigg Supervisor will rearrange them.

At 4.00 pm, Bigg Manager plays the ringer. Holy messengers permits ADK and Janany to play the Cycling task. Dhanalakshmi contends with Kathir for gave the way to them. She requests them to give the principles book to her. She needs to play her game. They are not permitting her to play her game. She contends with them. Manikandan rebuffed ADK and chose Janany

Episode end

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