Bigg Boss Tamil 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss Tamil Written Update 16th December 2022

The show starts with Day 66 at 8.30 am, Morning awaken melody plays inside the house. Housemates are moving for the melody ” Ullai Theda Theda”

Written Update Bigg Boss Tamil Today Episode

At 9.05 am, Janany shares with Amudhavanan that was getting disturb by Mynaa’s disposition. She was going to run yet she halted her. She demolished her arrangement. She would rather not see her going to designation free zone. She imparts to him about her dissatisfaction. Amudhavanan says that she is talking here well. In any case, she neglects to show this side to them. Janany says that it’s her opportunity to talk. She will permit him to talk when his opportunity arrives. Amudhavanan grumblings that she isn’t conveying her places where it’s required. Janany says that she has her own style to communicate what’s at the forefront of her thoughts. Amudhavanan says that he kind saw she is simply yelling and making close to home show. Janany cuts his words there and gives a fitting answer to him.At 10.40 am, Janany tells Dhanalakshmi that she needs to go to Selection free zone. She would have take it yet that point didn’t strike at the forefront of her thoughts on that time. Dhanalakshmi says that the majority of them are protected in this assignment. Ratchitha isn’t in selection. On the off chance that she is in assignment additionally no issues. Fans will uphold her and save her from ousting. Just Manikandan and Janany are in the peril zone. Dhanalakshmi adds that even she really wants that designation free pass. Janany says that she needs to go into inside the house for that. Dhanalakshmi guarantees her that she will come inside at any expense. Janany looks befuddled hearing it.

Bigg Boss Tamil

At 11.00 am, Amudhavanan requesting that the devils taste the fish. He realizes well that evil presences shouldn’t eat food while they are on task. Mynaa won’t eat thinking it’s for Heavenly messengers. Janany says that he killed three fish however doing holy messenger job. He isn’t a holy messenger. Dhanalakshmi takes the fish plate and conceals it in their passage. Amudhavanan says that they shouldn’t eat it. Shivin says that she will not eat it. Yet, she will not permit him to eat it as well. Mynaa takes the fish plate and return it to Amudhavanan. She saw the assortment of food they prepared. She imparts to them that he is deliberately doing this to incite them. Janany says that he will get stomach torment after eat everything. Mynaa says that she will give it back to them on the grounds that Bigg Manager sent this nourishment for them exceptionally. Shivin requests that she guarantee her that she will not eat it. Mynaa gestures with her.

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Amudhavanan imagines like feeling remorseful for eating the food without giving it to them. He shows the food before them and tasting it slow. ADK is watching him in open mouth. Dhanalakshmi and Janany says that he killed a fish so he could take a hike. He isn’t a holy messenger any longer. Amudhavanan isn’t giving regard to their remarks and eating the food with Vickram. Mynaa objections that they are not in any event, giving porridge to them. Amudhavanan requests that they hold on until they finish the food. Janany and Dhanalakshmi laments for picked him as an angel.

At 11.15 am, Bell plays there, Janany, Dhanalakshmi, Shivin, Mynaa and ADK goes into the house and says that they are playing their errand here. Yet, Holy messengers are basically eating there. Manikandan stops them. ADK says we should play fair.

At 11.30 am, Amudhavanan and Manikandan locks the evil spirits inside the cell. Amudhavanan requests that Mynaa give the key. She illuminates him that she didn’t conceal it. Amudhavanan requests that he quit playing with him. She restores the way to him. Janany attempts to cross the damnation passage to arrive at Paradise. Be that as it may, Amudhavanan sees it and got her on time. Kathir tells Janany that Holy messenger discovered her in the act. So they will limit her options and legs then tie her inside the sack. Indeed, even they adds snakes with it. Janany says that they are additionally people so quit dealing with her like that. Bigg Supervisor gave a job to them that is all there is to it. it’s anything but a reality They put Janany inside the tunnel.

At 11.35 am, Cycling task signal plays there. Shivin says that she needs to go at this point. Recently she didn’t be able to pedal the cycle. Heavenly messengers picks Shivin and ADK to pedal the cycle. Janany eliminates the tape from her hand and leg. She runs inside the house utilizing burrow. Janany yells that she got away from the damnation. Amudhavanan and Manikandan gets stunned to see her there. Amudhavanan questions Ratchitha where did she went? Ratchitha says that she headed inside. She thought Manikandan was there to control them. Amudhavanan and Manikandan were disheartened with it. Shivin asks them did they tied her free? How could she got away from them without any problem? Janany says that she didn’t do it easily.

Mynaa says that Amudhavanan ties her free. For that reason she ran from that point without any problem. Amudhavanan requests that she quit outlining him. Mynaa objections that he tied the tape on her shoulder, match and leg. She acknowledged it . he purposefully did this to her to stop her. In any case, he didn’t show this disposition to Janany. Since she is #1 to everybody here. Mynaa grievances again tha Ratchitha was holding up close to the passage yesterday. She didn’t permit anybody to cross the entryway. However, today Amudhavanan ties Janany free. For that reason she went inside asap.

Amudhavanan says that he limited her options and leg as well. She utilized stunts to escape from them. Mynaa deny it. She adds that he didn’t offered this genuine kindness to her yesterday. She feels annoyed seeing his disposition. Shivin and ADK are accelerating the cycle. Dhanalakshmi and others likewise supporting her without reconsidering. Amudhavanan says that Ratchitha was there. Indeed, even Manikandan was there. In any case, when she got away from here nobody was close to by her. Amudhavanan says that she felt it’s immense to her. So he fix the hold. Mynaa incites him with her attire..

Mynaa says that Amudhavanan is showing inclination here. Doesn’t it favourisim. He purposefully did this to her. Janany continues to watch them in alone. Mynaa says that he needs to show this consideration on everybody. He could tie the rope on them in same manner. He is obviously showing his favourisim to Janany. Others likewise supporting Mynaa there. Mynaa requests that they keep one individual close to the offender. Keep adhere to the guidelines here. Mynaa says that his affection on his sister giving great effect on him .

At 12.30 pm, Amudhavanan shares with his holy messengers group that he would rather not proceed with this game. Since Mynaa blabbering here. Amudhavanan says that he tied her as well. Manikanta shares with Ratchitha he would have safeguarded them assuming she informed him like that. Bigg Manager requests that the housemates report who will be rebuffed and going to damnation? Amudhavanan says that ADK going to cell and Shivin will be rebuffed. They gives the discipline to Shivin.

At 1.00 pm, Ratchitha is supporting Amudhavanan and encourage him to restrict the assignment. She was flippant here. She will trade with Janany now. Amudhavanan reports to the god that Ratchitha going ti Fiend group Janany will supplant the Angel.

At 1.15 pm, Signal plays there. Dhanalakshmi ranges to the paradise utilizing burrow. She yells that they didn’t anticipate that she should be here. Dhanalakshmi yells in energy. She says that her mother will come here for freeze task. She gets glad to consider it. Bigg Supervisor asks them who will trade. Shivin offers the chance to Dhanalakshmi and returns to her cell. Manikanta illuminates the camera that they are trading with Amudhavanan on the grounds that his safeguard isn’t great…

Episode end

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