Bigg Boss Tamil 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss Tamil Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins Day 66 at 11.10 pm, Bigg Supervisor annouces to the holy messenger group to make reference to three finalists list to them. Janany specifies Manikandan name. She says that Manikandan turned into a skipper of the house third time. He is serious areas of strength for truly playing his game well without harming anybody. He is a caring individual. So she thinks Manikandan has the right to remain here until last. Janany adds that Amudhavanan resembles a sibling of her. As a challenger he is getting along admirably. He isn’t burnt out on anything and paying his game well.

Written Update Bigg Boss Tamil Today Episode

Bigg Manager reported that ADK, Dhanalakshmi, Janany and Shivin are one stage near the selection free pass. They thank him.Dhanalakshmi tells Manikandan that she knows that he need that selection free pass. In any case, he played for others here. She encourage him to be egotistical here. Bring childish assist him with getting by inside the house. She inquires as to whether he get removed from the house before he gets designation free pass? Manikandan acknowledges that she is right.

Bigg Boss Tamil

At 11.49 pm, Mynaa examining with Manikandan what did Shivin told her in the assignment. She tells him that denouncing one another and it is normal in game to waste their name. As indicated by them they needs to fault others to make due here. Many came here having such mindset. In any case, as per her she is a relax type. She is taking everything effectively in her life. At the point when she remained in street either in home she was relax type. This game isn’t their life. We have a day to day existence outside. She would rather not play such a grimy game to come out on top for the championship. She is doing what she is prepared to do. She knows about herself. Everybody has their own capacity. Manikandan is an extreme player. He won’t hurt anybody for his assignment. It’s his capacity. She is glad that she isn’t showing her sarrow or tears to anybody here.

Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Day 67 at 9.00 am, Morning awaken tune plays inside the house. Housemates are moving for the melody ” Vazhkkai oodi” then, at that point, welcomes each other

At 9.40 am, Mynaa tells Vickram that he was areas of strength for really. She didn’t expected him push her firmly like that. Everybody attempted to push her however she remained solid there. Be that as it may, he just pushed her she tumbled down confronting her stomach. Vickram grins hearing it. Janany asks her who is going to clinical room today? Mynaa says that it appears she needs to go. Janany says that Azeem will send everybody to clinical room today. Dhanalakshmi says that she isn’t terrified of him. Janany acknowledges that she is terrified of him. Mynaa impersonate how Dhanalakshmi will incite Azeem to rival her. Azeem chuckles hearing it. He shares with Janany and Dhanalakshmi welcome to Bigg Boss

At 9.55 am, Amudhavanan and Janany are examining about the devil task. Amudhavanan clears to her that he can cross the passage pronto. Yet, he is hanging tight for something significant. He will utilize the opportunity accurately to get the focuses. Janany says that she has no issues to cross the passage except for they are frightening her with snake. Amudhavanan encourages her to say it obviously they shouldn’t utilize snake to startle her. It’s simply an elastic snake. Amudhavanan adds that she shouldn’t utilize awful words inside the house. It will influence her game outside. She looks charming so crowd might be drawn to her. Assuming she utilize such words their impact on her will be squander. Janany guarantees him to deal with it next time.

At 11.30 Bigg Supervisor asks the housemates to sits in the residing region. He reported to them that he will pose not many inquiries to them from elementary school schedule. Who is addressing to 5 inquiry right will get 200 extravagance focuses. He requests that Amudhavanan come inside.

Bigg Supervisor asks Amudhavanan whom compose Public song of praise? He says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the response of it. He asks Amudhavanan which is the greatest living creature in the earth? He makes reference to Elephant. He says it’s right response. He asks him which creature doesn’t be aware to swim? He shares with him he don’t have any idea. He acquires 100 focuses. Signal plays there. Housemates praises him.

Next Bigg Manager asks Ratchitha which is the longest bone in their body? She makes reference to spine. He says it’s off-base response. He asks her how long necessities earth to adjust sun a day? She makes reference to 24. He says its right response. He asks her the number of millions that earth needs to rotate around the sun. She specifies 100. He says it’s an off-base Response. He asks her where will get unadulterated palcova in Tamil Nadu? She specifies Srivalliputhur. She procures 100 focuses. Housemates compliments her.

At 11.45 am, Heavenly messengers locked devils inside the cell. Shivin requests that Kathir start his errand after she tied him. Azeem says that Shivin is remaining alongside him to takes his looks. Shivin leaves from that point subsequent to hearing it. Kathir runs out of the cell. All evil spirits emerges from their cells and yells. It’s extreme for Heavenly messengers to control them. Everybody Goes after the passage at a time. Holy messengers asks them to don’t do like it. Manikandan goes into the paradise crossing the passage. ADK’s shoulder harms as a result of it. Manikandan apologize to him.

At 11. 50 am, Bigg Supervisor asks the holy messengers group to conclude who is going to Devil group? Heavenly messengers groups atw examining with one another who ought to go out? ADK proposes Janany name thinking she can return. Shivin says that she won’t leave from here. ADK says that assignment free pass critical to him so he will not go. Dhanalakshmi remains silent there. Shivin says that Bigg Supervisor gives 4 measures. Janany is absence of one person in it. Janany contends with her over it. She says that she needn’t bother with this selection free pass. She has the certainty that individuals will save her from the ousting. She is prepared to leave from here. Shivin and Janany curves with one another over this issue once more. Dhanalakshmi stops them.

At 12.30 pm, Dhanalakshmi shares with Ratchitha that Shivin send Janany out. In the event that she take her name then she wouldn’t have go out. Selection free pass means quite a bit to her. Dhanalakshmi adds that Janany is doing excessively. She brings Kathir theme superfluous to target Shivin. In the interim, Janany illuminates Amudhavanan about the her group choice. Amudhavanan exhorts Janany.

At 2.10 pm, Ratchitha and Mynaa are accelerating the cycle. Following 30 minutes. Bigg Supervisor asks the heavenly messengers to annouces who needs to go inside the cell and whom going to be rebuffed. They pick Mynaa to go inside the cell and Ratchitha ought to be rebuffed. Evil spirits group requests that they give the clarification for it. Shivin says that she watched the two of them cautious. Both jolted for few moments. However, similarly Mynaa better than Ratchitha. She gave minimal more exertion in it than Ratchitha. Ratchitha says that she expected this outcome previously. Shivin asks her does she attempting to say she is showing inclination to her? Shivin makes sense of them that Mynaa pedal the cycle close by. She was sitting in the daylight to make it happen. Ratchitha did it in shadow. So nearly Mynaa put more exertion in it. Azeem and Vickram upholds Ratchitha and contends with Shivin over it. Heavenly messengers annouced the results.

They tied Ratchitha and send Mynaa inside the cell. Azeem assists Ratchitha with getting away from that point. Manikandan says that she gave discipline to her. How is it that they could deliver her? She needs to escape from them in her own. They begins contending with one another over this issues.

At 3.10 pm, Devils goes after the holy messengers together. Amudhavanan slips into the house through burrow. Janany value Amudhavanan. Shivin says that Janany targetted her by and by utilizing Kathir name. Yet, she send Amudhavanan inside. She isn’t all set inside. She showed favourisim here. There is a contentions over this issue.

At 4.00 pm, Heavenly messengers chose to supplant Shivin with Amudhavanan.

Episode end

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