Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Indu gets a call from Cart and gets stressed. She asks Cart is everything alright. Cart illuminates her about Kadambari’s way of behaving towards Zoon. Indu gets stunned. She hurries to home. She asks Zoon is she get injured or something like that. Ritesh tells her that he arrived at there on time or, in all likelihood don’t have the foggiest idea what might have happened to Zoon. Indu tells everything is going on as per her arrangement only.

Written Update Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode

Ritesh gets stunned and asks what sort of plan. Indu tells she knows that it is so hard to upbring a youngster which Kadambari can’t make due. Ritesh asks her is she utilizing Zoon to prevail in her thought process. Indu tells Ritesh he realizes well that she won’t ever utilize Zoon by any means. She further adds that Zoon need to return to Sameer and Kadambari. Zoon joyfully says she is prepared. Profound commitments Ritesh that he will remain with Zoon like her shadow additionally won’t allow anything to happen to her. Sameer requests that Kadambari take rest saying now that Zoon hasn’t arrived. Indu brings Zoon there which shocks both Sameer and Kadambari.Sameer asks Indu for what good reason did she brought Zoon here. Indu grins and says that Ritesh might fail to remember the court request out of frustration so she is carrying their little girl to them. Kadambari tells that she is fed up with Zoon and that is one of the justification for why she never needed Zoon. Sameer cautions Kadambari to not to express things like this. Indu attacks Kadambari then requests to deal with Zoon as a parent. Sameer tells her that Zoon have separate room. Zoon tells she is frightened to rest alone. Kadambari reprimands Indu saying that she arranged Zoon like this. Indu grins then, at that point, leaves the place.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai

The following day Sunita appeals to God to give triumph to Indu in Zoon’s authority case. She tells God Indu endured a ton so argues not to place her in additional sufferings. Indu and Ritesh prepares to court. Kaamna requests that they allow her couple of moments as she needs to converse with them about something. Ritesh asks her what it is. Kaamna cries and apologizes to Ritesh and lets him know all hence while she acted with him like she really cherishes him so she can run the house yet presently she laments her every single actions.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Today the person who she cherished the most utilized her like a flight of stairs to arrive at the levels which she didn’t expected by any means. She additionally acted more regrettable with Indu and Zoon also stress that might get her place in this house yet presently she laments everything. Ritesh stays quiet. Indu signs at Ritesh and the last option acclaims Kaamna and tells he has close to zero familiarity with valid or counterfeit love. For his purposes, her affection helped him a great deal and embraces her. Kaamna gets close to home. She embraces him back and says she cherishes him. She then wants both Indu and Ritesh to win the case.

Kadambari attacks Sameer for not seeing the court notice and they must be there at ten. Additionally on account of Sameer’s lack of regard they didn’t set anything up. Sameer guards himself. The two of them gets into a contention. Sunita tells Rajender here after except if her children comes and determines what’s to them she will not envision anything as she took in her examples. She further adds Rajender that Asha and Vivek likes each other. Rajender likewise tells even he thinks something similar however when the ongoing circumstance of them settles they will converse with the two of them. Sunita agrees.

Vivaan meets Sunita and Rajender. He lets them know that he and Anjali genuinely prefers each other in light of the fact that he is Sameer’s sibling asks them not to express no to their relationship. He further adds that he will do everything possible to satisfy Anjali so argues them to support their relationship. Sunita and Rajender takes a gander at each other. Zoon goes to God for Indu and Ritesh’s triumph. Kaamna goes there and communicates her second thoughts to Zoon for the manner in which she treated her this while additionally looks for her absolution. Zoon pardons her which makes Kaamna happy.

They both together appeals to God for Indu and Ritesh’s triumph. Later Cart illuminates Kaamna that judge informed she will pass the decision after lunch. She likewise says in the wake of getting a call Kadambari left the court irately. Kadambari stresses that she may not get the property by any means or it will require a lot of investment. She requests that Sameer follow through with something. Sameer charges her for the explanation for him taking such a lot of credit. Kadambari gets angry. Indu and Ritesh arrives at home and says they returned on the grounds that Zoon isn’t having food.

Kadambari comes there and requests that Indu reclaim Zoon. Indu ridicules at her for her anxiety toward not getting property. Kadambari advises Indu that she would rather not cause any situation as they need to remain under a similar rooftop.
Kaamna will not allow Kadambari to remain and requests that she leave. Kadambari goes out. Indu gets a call from Vivek and learns they get Zoon’s care likewise Sunita supported Vivaan andAnjali’s relationship and all are headed to celebrate. They all gets cheerful. Cart recommends a family photograph. Both Indu and Ritesh advances to kiss Zoon yet the last backsaway. Kaamna and Cart grins seeing it. Later the two of them likewise joins Indu Zoon and Ritesh and they takes a family selfie together.

The end.

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