Dheere Dheere Se 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dheere Dheere Se Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with the ministers are doing puja of a Divine being’s object of worship. Somebody hacks and implores God. He then, at that point, calls his girl in regulation. Bhawana opens the water and stresses water may be cold however gets astounded seeing its warm. She cleans the utensils. She then, at that point, hears her father by marriage so goes to him the last option favors to be content. Bhawana requests him what kind from tea he needs today. Her father by marriage says his throat isn’t well so requests ginger tea. Bhawana says she will bring him. She then, at that point, sees her late spouse’s photograph outline and gets miserable. She proceeds to awaken her girl Aanchal saying she might prepare late for school.

Written Update Dheere Dheere Se Today Episode

Aachal requests that she let her rest for not many more minutes however Bhawana declines. Aachal grumbles these circumstances are just for her not for Aarushi is this since she has a dad. Bhawana shares with Aanchal that she are dreaming to early satisfy this she needs to awaken. Her as well as dreaming about her splendid future. After she arrives where she dreams off then it’ll fulfill her. Aanchal embraces her. Bhawana educates her to prepare to school quick. Aanchal requests that she grant her have burger. Bhawana requests that she have milk and badam. Aanchal grumbles yet concurs eventually.Bhawana goes to check up the tea she is making. She serves it to her father by marriage. She prevents herself from going out when she sees Bhanu who emerges after washing and going directly to does puja. Bhawana leaves the spot quietly. Bhanu sees a homeless canine inside the house. He questions his dad who brought this inside. His dad shows compassion on the homeless canine. However, bhanu says he has currently such countless obligations to deal with. He then goes inside his room where he requests that his better half take rest on the grounds that Bhawana is here to work. Bhawana is en route to Aanchal’s room however Bhanu calls her to serve her tea.

Dheere Dheere Se

He recommends Bhawana to not to send Aanchal to school since it’s cool outside in view of which on the off chance that she falls wiped out, it must be him who needs to burn through cash for that as well. He further notification milk and badam in Bhawana’s grasp. He requests that she give it to him since it’s required him the most as he going out and procuring for the family and proposes her to have the tea which he previously tasted it. Bhawana wavers however gives it to him the milk and badam then takes the tea to Aanchal’s room. Aanchal gets amazed seeing her mom giving her tea rather than milk and badam so she questions her. Bhawana guarantees to give her cash for burger which Aanchal wanting to have it in the school.

Dheere Dheere Se Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Bhawana gets some information about her school trip. Aanchal educates her concerning its charge and asks her how she can ready to make due. Bhawana informs her concerning Profound’s protection check which is she anticipating. Aanchal asks with that cash the amount she can even ready to deal with it as she needs to pay her school expense educational expense and so forth. Bhawana gets some information about it. She then, at that point, goes to kitchen all of a sudden she gets a call from insurance agency. She gets stunned learning they sent the check and somebody got it.

She looks for the check then, at that point, asks it to her father by marriage. Her father by marriage lets her the spot know where he keeps letters. Bhawana look through there and couldn’t track down it so she gets restless. In the interim Bhanu sees Aanchal is all set to school. He whines to Aanchal about Bhawana not paying attention to his directions. He additionally gets into a contention with the neighbor. He then goes with his worker. Bhawana awakens Abhishek, who gets down on his mom and auntie and asks them about the check. They says they doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Bhawana runs behind Bhanu’s rhythm. Bhanu considers her a terrible sign and tells her that he torn and tossed the cheque.

Bhawana gets stunned. She questions him why he did this. Bhanu blows up so he brings her back home. However, he educates his dad regarding Bhawana’s way of behaving additionally says he is the person who dealing with Bhawana and Aanchal yet Bhawana had the boldness to address him. Aanchal yells at Bhanu for his way of behaving towards Bhawana. Bhawana admonishes her and sends her out. Bhanu’s better half and the other little girl in law of the house chides Bhawana supporting Bhanu. Bhanu tells the check ought to be on his name and gives her the torn pieces. Bhawana apologizes to him and lets him know she will do the needful to change the name in the check. Bhanu gets blissful and leaves the place.

Precap: Aanchal tells Bhawana they are dealing with themselves why they must be in a deception of this family is supporting them and requests that Bhawana be autonomous on the grounds that after Profound’s passing there is nobody going to come to their life to show up for them. Raghav arrives at his objective. Later Raghav assists Bhawana with getting her aarti thaali in the sanctuary which she drops it.

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