Dheere Dheere Se 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dheere Dheere Se Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with the vegetable merchant asks Raghav what he needs. Raghav requests that he give him papaya. Bhavana sees Raghav who is likewise in the vegetable shop. She gets some information about it’s cost. The seller tells hundred rupees. Bhavana says she don’t have hundred rupees. The merchant requests that Bhavana do online payment.

Written Update Dheere Dheere Se Today Episode

Bhavana says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to make it happen. Seller tells her that she has her portable with her. Bhavana tells the merchant not her’s nevertheless her significant other’s doesn’t show her how to make online installments. Raghav asks her then for what good reason did he gave his versatile to her. He further asks is there is online installment in her better half’s portable. Bhavana says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Raghav takes her versatile and shows her the application. He requests that she examine the QR code. Bhavana gets it done. Raghav requests that she enter the mystery pin. Bhavana tells that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea however believes it’s her girl’s birthday and begun telling loudly.Raghav stops her and educates her regarding individuals who might exploit her pin code then she might become survivor of online trick and requests that she enter the code covertly. Bhavana makes it happen. The seller says he got the cash. Bhavana gets astonished. She then, at that point, sees Raghav is battling to purchase a papaya so she goes to him and lets him know his significant other high priority ruined him by her adoration that is the explanation he is battling to find the papaya he needs and gives him one he really wanted and chooses to leave. Raghav pays for the papaya and stops Bhavana. He asks her who is she to remark about his significant other then leaves there.

Dheere Dheere Se

Bhavana gets befuddled. Later Bhavana is en route to home. She illuminates her sister by marriage that she brought every one of the vegetables she asked her to. She then sees Poonam is conversing with another person. Raghav ridicules at Poonam when the last option acts and says that she is so glad to see him. She then presents both Raghav and Bhavana then heads inside. Both Raghav and Bhavana reviews their experience on the lookout. The two of them laments the selection of words they utilized it against each other and chooses to apologize the following time.

Dheere Dheere Se Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Raghav meets his dad and takes his endowments. His dad reproves him for avoiding family not in any event, thinking often about his mom since his significant other take off. Raghav gets injured. His dad requests that he to avoid whatever might demolish his standing. Raghav gestures OK. Raghav’s mom hinders and lets her significant other know that Raghav got him papaya and serves it a plate.

Raghav’s dad insults Raghav and goes inside requesting that she send his morning meal in his room. Here both Bhavana’s sister by marriage checks the vegetables brought by Bhavana. Her senior sister by marriage grumbles about the one woman finger which isn’t searching in a great shape. She then requests that Bhavana show the bills to Vidya. Vidya neglects to see Bhavana purchased more than they asked her to so inquiries her about the excess sum from the 200 they have given her. Bhavana makes sense of her beginning and end which disturbs Vidya so the last objections to their senior sister in law.

Elder sister by marriage admonishes Bhavana. Bhavana stays quiet. Raghav meets his more youthful sibling Gaurav. Gaurav lets him know he has a significant gathering so they will make up for lost time during supper then leaves the spot. His better half comes there and welcomes Raghav. She learns Gaurav went to work and flies off the handle over Raghav’s profits. Raghav lets his mom know that he feels like he committed an error by deciding to return Ujjain. His mom gets sad.

Bhanu calls his significant other and asks her is Bhavana went to protection office yet. His significant other insults Bhavana for investing more energy to purchase vegetables and says that the call is on speaker so requests that Bhanu converse with Bhavana. Bhanu tells that he is encouraging Bhavana for her own advantage just which she isn’t understanding.

Bhavana lets Bhanu know that she will converse with the protection official without a doubt. Later she begs the official to give her another check in light of the fact that the past one gets demolished. The official reproves her and says it might take more than one to two months however requests that she come to office to meet the chief at 4pm. Bhavana concurs. Aarushi gets down on Bhavana and requests that she bring her heated water. In the interim Gaurav’s child comes to meet Bhavana with next to no one’s information. Bhavana cautions him however the youngster guarantees her. Bhavana then gives him chocolate and sends him back home. Aarushi impolitely acts with Bhavana.

Abhishek who goes into the house admonishes Aarushi and the last option additionally undermines him for following their mom’s companions little girl in virtual entertainment. Bhavana chastens the two of them additionally advices them. She then tells Abhishek she really wants his assistance and the last option consents to help her. Bhavana then strolls towards the spot conveying high temp water in her grasp. She slips and gets injured. Aarushi put oil on the floor and sneers. Abhishek and his granddad gets stressed and hurries to Bhavana to help her. Both Abhishek and Aarushi’s mom chastens Bhavana then, at that point, heads inside. Later Bhavana cries awful reviewing her sister by marriage’s words likewise Aanchal’s advice.

Precap: Abhishek consents to take Bhavana to the protection office yet Bhanu finds out about it and prevents Abhishek from taking Bhavana to the workplace. Raghav sees this from his overhang. He follows Bhavana to the protection office. The chief chides Bhavana for not presenting the appropriate papers that too even after he told her on numerous occasions. Bhavana gets miserable and strolls in reverse while Raghav who watches this all that from outside goes inside where the chief is.

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