Dheere Dheere Se 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dheere Dheere Se Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Bhawana asks Vidya’s better half is he have any garments to wash. Vidya’s significant other gives her the garments then says all Vidya doing was a show. Bhawana upholds Vidya. Bhanu calls Vidya’s significant other and the last option gets irritated and goes to him. Vidya comes there and reprimands Bhawana for making a crack among her and her significant other. She further adds that she lost her better half so Bhawana is attempting to demolish her marriage life and heads inside. Bhawana tells herself now she comprehends the reason why a lady needed to reside with her better half as a wedded person until the end of her life or probably they need to confront the hardships.

Written Update Dheere Dheere Se Today Episode

Raghav gets shocked seeing the old things of him which his mom actually keeping it in the house. He then sees a portion of the things tumbling from it’s place and notification what it is. Bhawana sees Raghav is consuming a few things in the fire. Her canine espresso brings one of the torn hello card from that point. Bhawana reprimands espresso and afterward sees its a card and says regardless of the amount we attempt what God written in our destiny just occurs. Bhanu sees his more youthful sibling deceived in accounts so he chides him and commendations Deepak.He further requests that his sibling not to rehash such missteps and advises him that they need to deal with both Bhawana and Aanchal too. His sibling safeguards himself saying he utilized more cash due to the unexpected change in climate. He additionally lets Bhanu know that he is remaining outside away from his family more often than not. Bhanu asks him not to act saying he knows the amount he gets a kick out of the chance to avoid his home and family. He then, at that point, reminds him about the another wedding occasion he needs to deal with likewise won’t give him cash and leaves. Bhanu’s sibling lashes out and says one day he will give a befitting answer to his sibling for sure.

Dheere Dheere Se

The following day Bhawana advices both Aanchal and Aarushi to go to class together securely. Aanchal ridicules at Bhawana for her to do every one of the errands of the house. Bhawana chastens her. Aanchal and Aarushi leaves for school. Espresso follows them. Aarushi shows Aanchal her new savvy which her dad brought for herself and gestures of recognition her dad for continuously satisfying all her desires. Aanchal gets injured hearing it. Aarushi likewise tells Aanchal her dad is wanting to get her new marked shoes so requests that she take her pre-owned shoes which is superior to what she is really wearing it now. Aanchal flies off the handle and tells she doesn’t require it since her mom is there to deal with her needs.

Dheere Dheere Se Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Aarushi derides Aanchal likewise attempts to kick Espresso when he goes close to her. Aanchal reprimands Aarushi then, at that point, leaves the spot with Espresso. Aarushi chooses to show a thing or two to Aanchal. In the sanctuary both Raghav and Bhawana goes to the puja. End of the puja Raghav takes gifts of the minister which is Bhawana’s father by marriage. The last option favors him and calls him Raghu. Raghav’s dad hinders and tells he goes by Raghav. He additionally admonishes Raghav for contacting Deepak’s dad’s feet. Deepak’s dad tells that Raghav has a greater number of habits than him. The two of them gets into a warmed argument.

Raghav’s dad places the contribution in puja plate then, at that point, leaves the spot. Raghav and Bhawana watches both of the relatives contention and lashes out. Raghav chooses to leave a similar time Bhawana chooses to go close to the sanctuary. Bhawana drops her puja things however Raghav gets it and commendations her for her work. The two of them reviews the words they utilized against each other and wonders whether or not to apologize however Devraj calls Raghav saying his dad is sitting tight for him so Raghav leaves the place.

Raghav’s dad reprimands Raghav likewise cautions him not to contact or talk with Deepak’s relatives. Raghav obliges and gets into his vehicle. He blows up seeing Bhawana is battling. Raghav meets his sister and calls her bachi (kid). His sister asks him not to call her that way.

Raghav broke her #1 clasp so she lets him know that she won’t extra him however winds up embracing him tight. Raghav’s dad comes there and chides his girl for wearing such garments. Raghav guards his sister. Raghav’s dad cautions and advices his little girl to remember their way of life while wearing garments then heads inside. Raghav’s sister and Raghav mimic their dad and snickers hard. Their mom reprimands them both for their act.

Bhawana is in a protection office. She requests that the peon help her meet the official. The peon checks the archives Bhawana carried with her and tells that he will assist her with what she missed to fill in the structures and signs at her for cash. Bhawana gets a call from her sister by marriage and the last option requests that she return home quick and do the works which she left it before one. Bhawana concurs. Raghav’s mom recommends Raghav to visit the workplace which pesters Gaurav’s better half so she acts and requests that Raghav’s mom not to irritate Raghav as he will remain here for not many days only.

Raghav’s mom tells her it’s as yet his office. Gaurav’s better half grumbles to herself about Raghav getting back to guarantee his privileges after this year her significant other really buckled down. Gaurav proposes to drop Raghav where he is going yet the last option declines saying he will enroll office as he have an attempts to do. Bhawana demands the peon to allow her assistance to meet the official. The peon illuminates the official about Bhawana and the official requests that he send her inside. Bhawana goes there and the official requests that she sign the papers. Bhawana obliges. Raghav comes to the enrollment office.

Precap: Bhawana cries and asks her better half’s photograph for what reason did he sold out her by letting her be everlastingly which isn’t the slightest bit something right to do. Raghav says himself that his better half sold out him and he won’t ever pardon her and fail to remember her without a doubt. Bhawana says that she will not fail to remember Deepak by any means. Both Raghav and Bhawana sees each other from their house.

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