Dil Diyaan Gallaan 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dil Diyaan Gallaan Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Dilpreet doesn’t get the consent to gain the land for building clinic. Panch says time is finished and their application can’t be recharged once more. His child won’t be back so the land will be given to Kushwant as it were. Panch cautions Dilpreet to retreat. Dilpreet says he won’t allow them to give the land to Kushwant. He remains before the jeep saying they need to cross his dead body to leave. He won’t allow them to succeed. Amrita picks a heart from the wall and Go says she made’s Indiaextremely upset. She says India gave her shock and he says she will become hopelessly enamored with this country very soon. She gives him the heart back and leaves. Once more, she pivots and heads down the different path overlooking him. She enquires about her lost gear. She thinks Ria figuring she could have accepted her bag unintentionally as their bags are similar. Ria passes by and Amrita stops her. Amrita advises her to offer back her bag. Ria misconstrues her maxim Amrita is again attempting to embarrass her by flaunting her marked bag. Amrita says she doesn’t actually have any acquaintance with her. She advises her to stop her acting. Ria says Amrita is desirous of her looks and thinks she is awesome as she got back from America.

Written Update Dil Diyaan Gallaan Today Episode

Amrita sees Duggar Buddy otherwise known as Go’s companion. She overlooks Ria and goes to him quickly. Go likewise sees his companion while coming to Ria. Ria looks steamed and Go makes her grin. She embraces him. Go goes to his companion and he finds Amrita. Amrita drops her books and Go aides her get them. He says she needn’t bother with a book to concentrate on Indians. Ria comes there and asks Go to stay away from Amrita. They leave and Amrita doesn’t track down Duggar Buddy. She looks for him. Astha inquires as to whether he is missing Amrita. He says Amrita didnt text him yet. Astha advises him to call his girl without pausing. He gets a call from his associate who educates him regarding a heart patient named as Dilpreet Singh. Mandeep reviews his dad Dilpreet and asks the complete name. He feels alleviated realizing the patient isn’t his father.Astha says he ought not be disturbed on his birthday. Mandeep says he cant quit reviewing the old recollections of his birthday festivity when every one of the locals used to appreciate the two his and his dad’s birthday. Astha says ideally Randeep is taking great consideration of Dilpreet. In flashback Dilpreet converses with his the two children during the festival. He sings tune for Mandeep. Flashback closes. Astha lets Mandeep know that she realizes he will continuously do right by his dad. Amrita finds Go and Duggar conversing with one another. Before she meets him Wander sends him away. Go asks Amrita for what reason she is wandering around the air terminal since long. She says she came here to meet teacher Duggar Buddy. She gives her presentation and Go gets stunned. There Randeep calls Dilpreet to wish him birthday. Dilpreet insults him and cuts the call.

Dil Diyaan Gallaan

Amrita demands Go to track down the location of the teacher. She wants his assistance, Go says he has no clue except for Amrita demands him saying she came to India interestingly. Her telephone battery is down as well. She doesn’t have the location. Ria reprimands Amrita for conversing with her companion Go. He prepares to help Amrita. Ria advises her to sit on secondary lounge. Amrita requests charger and she cannot utilize Indian telephone. Go puts her telephone on charging and Ria insults her for taking assistance from an Indian person however she can’t utilize an Indian telephone. Amrita misses her dad and she is stunned by the picturesque excellence. She feels however Mandeep won’t ever come to Punjab.

Dil Diyaan Gallaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Precap-Kushwant lashes out realizing Dilpreet isn’t leaving the land. Go goes to present a paper and Amrita meets Dilpreet. Mandeep calls her and inquires as to whether she is in India

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