Durga Aur Charu 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Durga Aur Charu Written Update 14th December 2022

Show starts with Anirudh discusses his and Bondita’s story. He says that Durga and Devi are image of his and Bondita’s adoration. He adds that today is his girl’s birthday. Durga and Devi chooses to remain with one another consistently. They meets with a mishap. Driver sees that Anirudh and Bondita passed on spot. He faults himself for the mishap. He says that town individuals won’t extra him in the event that they got to be familiar with it. He sees that Devi is alive. He takes her from that point to save her. Following 5 years, Durga awakens around midnight and shouts Devi’s name. Voice over says that Durga and Devi got isolated however they will join without a doubt.

Written Update Durga Aur Charu Today Episode

Sampurna’s better half discussions to Anirudh and Bondita’s image about Durga and Devi and cries. Samburna consoles him. She lets him know that they will track down Devi one day without a doubt. He tells her that he is living on that expectation. He requests that she bring Durga for puja. She goes to Durga’s room and figures out nobody is there. She look through Durga in the house. She requests that workers search Durga. She illuminates her significant other that Durga is absent. He tells her that Durga should be in her room as it were. They goes to Durga’s room and finds Durga dozing in the cabinet. They understands that Durga has a fever. Durga mumbles Devi’s name and awakens and cries. They guarantees Durga that they will track down Devi. In the mean time, Charu strolls on the rope to engage individuals. Public cheers for Charu. Durga shouts maa in torment. Sampurna lets Durga know that she is still massi maa for Durga. Durga tells her that the last option thoroughly takes care of her so the last option is her mom. That’s what she discovers in the event that she arrived at the sanctuary without taking inhale, God will satisfy her desire. She says that she will do that one day for Devi.

Durga Aur Charu

Sampurna’s little girl Somana prepares for puja. She goes to her significant other and praises him. He tells her that he needs to deal with everything now since she will end up being the proprietor of everything later on. She chides worker. Sampurna chides her little girl for hauling the little matter. Somana expresses that there is plausible that Devi passed on. That’s what durga hears. Somana’s better half takes his significant other from that point.

Durga Aur Charu Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

After some time, puja starts. Durga hacks so Sampurna offers water. However, Durga denies saying that she continued to quick so God satisfy her desire. Then again, Charu intrigues public.

Durga goes to sanctuary and lights diya. She requests that Goddess Durga let her meet Devi. She tumbles down and loses her cognizance. In the mean time, Charu tumbles down and loses her awareness. Afterward, Sampurna treats Durga’s harmed hand. She tells her that they are looking through Devi. Durga asks her that will God listen her request. Sampurna guarantees her that God will listen her request.

Charu lets her dad know that she felt like her hands were consuming and her adored one called her. Driver reviews the mishap and miracles that who is recollecting Charu when her family passed on in the mishap. Driver’s better half Boli chastens Charu. Charu battles with her. Her dad stops the battle. He gives cash to Charu and requests that she purchase chocolate. He tells her that her mom should favor her from sky. She checks the sky out.

Durga will not go to class. Samona says that Durga is frightened in light of the fact that everybody inconveniences Durga in the school. Sampurna says that Durga is courageous. Samona says that Durga isn’t like Bondita with the exception of face. Durga consents to go to class. Charu gets energized seeing understudies concentrating on in the study hall. She says that she additionally need to study and become lawyer. Chumki takes Charu from that point.

In the homeroom, understudies prods Durga. They pours water on Durga’s seat. Instructor requests that Durga sit. Understudy says that Durga peed. Durga shook her head. Instructor requests that she be bold like Bondita.

Boli is going to beat Charu. Her significant other hauls her from that point. She lets him know that she will let Charu know that she is a vagrant. He tells her that Charu procuring for their loved ones. She rebuffs Charu. Durga returns house and races to her room. She cries seeing her folks photograph. She reviews the commitment which Devi made. She requests that Devi return.

Next day, Charu sees that one young lady dropped a book unintentionally. She look through that young lady to return the book. In the foremost office, Sampurna requests that Durga tell that who is alarming the last option. Durga stays quiet. Sampurna requests that she battle like Devi.

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