Durga Aur Charu 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Durga Aur Charu Written Update 15th December 2022

Episode starts with Charu envisions herself in the study hall and she enters the homeroom. One of the understudy perceives Charu and says that she is poor person and theif. Charu protects herself. He asks her that how she took the book. She lets him know that she came to return the book and she will not endure allegations against her. Educator comes there.

Written Update Durga Aur Charu Today Episode

Charu lets Instructor know that she came to return the book. She sees that young lady and returns the book. That young lady expresses gratitude toward Charu. Charu says that she know the significance of study. She lets Educator know that one day she will turn out to be preferable individual over others. Instructor gets dazzled with Charu. She inquires as to whether the last option isn’t frightened. Charu says that it’s inappropriate to endure wrong things so she never wonders whether or not to come clean and never twist before lie.Meanwhile, Chief asks Durga that who harassed her. Sampurna apologizes to Head. Durga calls attention to the understudies who harassed her. Sampurna asks her that how the last option became daring unexpectedly. Durga says that enduring incorrectly things is off-base then, at that point, fouling up things so they shouldn’t twist before lie and not hold back to talk reality. Sampurna embraces Durga. She says that it seemed like Devi talked. Afterward, Sampurna advises worker to disperse desserts to everybody. That’s what durga sees and discovers that today is Raksha bandhan. She keeps this year rakhi and to tie on Devi’s hand when she finds her.

Durga Aur Charu

Chumki asks Charu that for what valid reason the last option purchases rakhi consistently. Charu says that she need to safeguard the individual who will tie rakhi on her hand. Boli chides Charu. Her significant other brings bread and tea. Boli gives tad bread to Charu. Chumki and Charu heads outside. Boli’s significant other requests that Boli send Charu to school. Boli says that Charu destined to engage people.

Durga Aur Charu Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Next day, Charu says that their country will get freedom. Charu’s family discovers that they are getting free rice. Boli advises Charu and Chumki to bring rice. In the club house, public serenades Dilbar name. Dilbar tosses rice sack. Charu says that this is off-base and she will not acknowledge this rice sack. Chumki gets one rice pack. In the school, Menaces grabs Durga’s school pack and runs from there.

Charu requests that Dilbar stop it. She says that they are not vs. Boli chastens Charu. Charu drones against outsiders. She chastens Indians for twisting against outsiders. Indians returns the rice pack which irritates Dilbar. Boli gets stressed. Charu and others tosses gobar at Dilbar and his people.

Charu sees her sack and she hesiates to go into the room because of murkiness. She takes her pack. Menaces locks the entryway from outside and runs from that point. Durga argues them to open the entryway. She shouts for help. In the interim, Charu feels like her cherished one is calling her for help. Dilbar orders his folks to rebuff Charu. One of the person hits Charu and she swoons. Durga additionally faints.

Episode ends.

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