Durga Aur Charu 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Durga Aur Charu Written Update 16th December 2022

Episode starts with Charu recovers her cognizance. She lets her dad know that she felt like her cherished one is calling her for help. He tells her that she would have fantasized. She lets him know that she heard Devi. He reviews the mishap. Chumki gets found out while taking. Bholi apologizes for Chumki. She beat Chumki up and takes her from there.

Written Update Durga Aur Charu Today Episode

On the other hand, Sampurna readies Durga’s #1 dishes. She discovers that Sumona ate the rasagullas which she arranged for Durga. Sumona tells her that she never got this much love and consideration from her. Sampurna tells her that she made her #1 sweet dish too however the last option never sees those things. She says that she have a deep understanding of Sumona as well. Sumona asks her that for what reason the last option didn’t acknowledge her significant other yet.Sampurna advises her that the last option take off from the house and got hitched. Sumona discusses Anirudh and Bondita’s marriage. Sampurna tells her that Anirudh wedded Bondita to save her life. Sumona says that she would rather not become like them and she is happy she has her significant other who deals with her. Sumona’s better half hears their discussion. He lets himself know that his genuine affection is cash and properties.

Durga Aur Charu

Bholi reproves Chumki for not bringing in much cash. She insults her that the last option couldn’t in fact take. Charu discovers that Bholi advises Chumki to take from others. She hollers at Bholi for advising Chumki to take. She says that Bholi is fiend. Bholi is going to beat Charu with stick yet Charu safeguards herself. Charu’s dad takes Charu from that point. Charu chooses to leave Delhi.

Durga Aur Charu Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Staff carries the oblivious Durga to house. Sampurna gets stunned seeing Durga in that state. Afterward, Specialist analyzes Durga. He says that he gave infusion to Durga. He lets others know that Durga’s ailment is mental and leaves from that point. Sumona lets Sampurna know that even Specialist can do nothing now. Binoy advises Sampurna to take Durga to Delhi to counsel large Doctor.

Next day, Charu advices Chumki. In the interim, Durga awakens. Sumona illuminates Durga that the last option is going to Delhi to counsel great specialist. She says that they are squandering cash in Durga’s treatment. Sampurna hollers at Sumona. She cautions her to not express a word. Binoy requests that she quiet down. Sampurna says that she endured everything not any longer. She lets Sumona know that she love her and she thinks often about Durga since she sees Bondita in Durga. She says that Durga is Bondita’s last image. She adds that she will pick Durga over anybody. Sumona inquires as to whether the last option will remove all binds with her. Binoy hollers at Sumona. Sumona’s better half requests that Sumona quiet down. He says that they need to deal with Durga later on. Binoy lets him know that he is alive to deal with Durga. Sumona leaves from that point angrily.

Bholi will not give food to Charu. Charu apologizes to Bholi. She says that she comprehended that Bholi isn’t demon yet mother. She consents to adhere to her directions. She imagines that she will remain another day to show a thing or two to Bholi. Everybody gets stunned with Charu’s way of behaving. Chumki tells Bholi that Charu is acting. Afterward, Charu’s dad says that they will get autonomy. Public applauds. Bholi advises Chumki to begin taking. Charu sees that.

Episode ends.

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