Durga Aur Charu 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Durga Aur Charu Written Update 17th December 2022

Episode starts with Charu starts her presentation. Sampurna shows that to Durga. Durga gets the ball which Charu dropped. They sees one another and grins at one another ( Rishta tera mera melody plays behind the scenes ). Binoy requests that driver start the vehicle. Charu proceeds with her presentation. She cautions public to deal with their possessions. Public understands that their wallet is absent. Chumki drops one wallet accidentally. Charu says that Chumki is kid and Bholi is genuine guilty party. Public chooses to call the Police. Charu prevents her dad from going to Bholi. She requests that he go with her. She says that she need to fly like kite. He tells her that he will deal with all that and goes to Bholi. She believes that her dad choosed Bholi and she will pick life and leaves from there.

Written Update Durga Aur Charu Today Episode

On the other hand, Binoy gets arrangement from specialist and he tells about it to Sampurna. Sampurna gets glad that they can meet specialist. She converses with Durga about treatment. Durga draws Charu. That’s what sampurna sees. Durga says that Charu is her companion. Binoy asks her that how can that be the case. She answers that Charu saw her main in the entire group and she felt like they are lifelong companions. She says that she will meet Charu in the future. She implores God to let her meet Charu.Bholi lets herself know that public beat her up because of Charu. She chooses to seek retribution on Charu. She intends to sell Charu and Chumki.

Durga Aur Charu

Charu packs her garments. She feels that she needs to leave before Bholi returns. Chumki asks Charu that where the last option is going. Charu tells her that she will bring in cash and study. Chumki tells her that she will go with her. Bholi brings the person who purchases young ladies. They gets Charu and Chumki. Bholi requests that the person take the young ladies before her better half comes. Charu lets Bholi know that her dad won’t extra her. Chumki asks Bholi that for what valid reason the last option is doing this with her when she is her little girl. Charu tells Chumki that Bholi is chudail. She lets Bholi know that she won’t extra her. That person takes Charu and Chumki from that point. Bholi chooses to mislead her significant other that young ladies went out. That person takes Charu and Chumki to prostitution house.

Durga Aur Charu Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Binoy and Sampurna takes Durga to the clinic. One of the psychological patient attempts to grab Durga’s doll which panics Durga. Specialist gives chocolate to Durga. He leaves the room with Sampurna and Binoy. He requests that they tell Durga’s set of experiences. Sampurna lets him know that how Durga changed after Anirudh and Bondita’s accident.

Chumki requests that Charu follow through with something. One man picks Charu and holds her hand. Charu cautions him to avoid her. Whore proprietor Rasika picks a woman for that man. She cautions Charu. In the emergency clinic, Charu sees a young lady sobbing for her sister. She wipes her tears and embraces her. Binoy and Sampurna gets astonished seeing that.

Episode ends.

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