Durga Aur Charu 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Durga Aur Charu Written Update 19th December 2022

Episode starts with Rasika secures Charu and Chumki in the room. Chumki requests that they open the entryway saying that she would rather not stay there. Charu requests that she quit shouting since they won’t open the entryway. Chumki says that they can’t remain quiet. She adds that Charu is savvy so she ought to follow through with something. Charu understands that today their country got opportunity. She imagines that she shouldn’t live as slave. She requests that Chumki trust her and adhere to her guidelines. Whore fellow comes there and requests that young ladies prepare. Young ladies tosses variety powder on his eyes and runs from that point. Rasika gets Charu.

Written Update Durga Aur Charu Today Episode

In the clinic, Binoy lets specialist know that he never saw Durga conversing with an outsider. Specialist lets him know that Durga ought to have her age companions. Durga comforts that young lady. She requests that she appeal to God. They appeals to God for their sisters. Specialist says that Durga will be totally fine when she becomes autonomous and blend with her age companions. Then again, Rasika is going to slap Charu yet the last option shields herself. Charu nibbles Rasika’s hand and runs from that point with Chumki.Binoy lets Sampurna know that they are getting back to Kolkata. Binoy and Sampurna gets off the vehicle to purchase things. Charu and Chumki takes cover behind Durga’s vehicle. Whore fellow inquires as to whether the last option saw any young ladies. Driver shook his head. Durga sees Charu and Chumki and chooses to save them. She misleads Whore fellow that she saw two young ladies running in inverse course. She requests that driver open the vehicle dicky. She advises Charu and Chumki to conceal in the vehicle dicky without seeing their face. Charu says thanks to Durga. Charu and Chumki conceals in the vehicle dicky. Binoy and Sampurna returns. They leaves from there.

Durga Aur Charu

Driver stops the vehicle close to inn. Binoy and Sampurna goes inside the lodging. Durga opens the dicky and requests that young ladies escape and goes inside the lodging. Charu lets Chumki know that they ought to leave Delhi and railroad station is close only.

Durga Aur Charu Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Later, Charu and Chumki arrives at Kolkata. In the mean time, Sumona says that they burn through cash however no utilization. Binoy tells her that everything specialist said to about Durga’s treatment. Sampurna gets some information about cash and says Durga is the proprietor of everything. Sumona’s significant other inquires as to whether Durga can do all that. Binoy advises Durga to go out in the vehicle. Durga lets Sampurna know that she is missing Charu so much and it would have been great assuming Charu was with her.

Durga goes out and partakes in the downpour. She sees young men playing football and goes to them. They requests that she give the ball to them. She is going to kick the ball yet one kid kicks the ball and pushes her. Everybody giggles at her. That kid is one of the domineering jerk. Durga gets frightened seeing him. Young men inconveniences Durga. Charu and Chumki comes there. Charu gets the ball which is going to hit Durga ( Rishta tera mera melody plays behind the scenes ).

Episode ends.

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