Faltu 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 12th December 2022

Episode begins with Tanisha defying Ayaan in regards to Faltu. She stops him as he was leaving and broadcasts that she needs to converse with him about Faltu. She expresses that she is embarrassed about her prior conduct towards the last option and feels remorseful about it. She says that now she realizes about Faltu’s genuine self thus needs to help her. She proclaims that Ayaan is accomplishing something beneficial by safeguarding the last option and says that she can remain in Mittals house till the wedding. However, questions that what Faltu will do after their wedding? She shows her anxiety towards the latter.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Here, Tanisha demands Ayaan that he wants to help Faltu in getting settled. She counsel him to get a new line of work for herself and declares that he can undoubtedly do it for the last option. Ayaan imagines that he can’t educate anybody concerning the justification for Faltu’s visit. He chooses to stow away about Faltu planning to turn into a cricketer from everybody. He guarantees Tanisha that he will investigate the matter.Jamuna shows her anxiety towards her family and stresses over both her girls. She says that she can’t see her girls enduring in view of Faltu, entire Charan broadcasts that he won’t twist before the locals. He expresses that they have previously lost so a lot and won’t fall anymore.


Elsewhere, Charan chooses to develop his own food in the event that the locals won’t give them any. Jamuna get some information about the make a difference to Faltu, yet the last option denies. He request that Jamuna let Faltu center around her objectives and broadcasts that no one but she can make their future brilliant. Around then Lajwanti comes there and concurs with her father.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Lajwanti shows her wounds to Jamuna and says that her better half used to beat him. She broadcasts that she won’t return back tk him and furthermore tells that her other sister additionally gets severely treated in her parents in law house. Around then the other sister Antima, comes there and states that she would rather not convey the characteristic of being isolated from her better half. She expresses that she needs to return to her parents in law, however Charan and Lajwanti denies.

Ahead, Antima calls Faltu to come clean with her yet Charan comes there and takes the telephone. He guarantees Faltu that all is great and conceals reality. While, Faltu misses her family and gets close to home. She begins feeling issue in her eyes and puts the eye drop, while Siddharth comes there around then and geta dubious about Faltu’s health.

Siddharth attempts to track down about reality and furthermore attempts to acquire Faltu’s trust however she denies to let him know anything. He declares to cause her to admit reality to demolish Ayaan. While, Faltu envisions Ayaan tracking down about her eyes issue and the last option attacks her. He reminds about his penances for herself and admonishes her for concealing reality from him. She gives her clarification while he flies off the handle at her. She returns to the real world and geta worried.

Further, Tanisha flies off the handle with her haldi look while Faltu attempts to encourage her. The last option gets a thought and goes to the nursery. She chooses to embellish Tanisha with ber most loved blossoms and get some information about it, however the last option says that he has close to zero insight into her inclinations. Faltu tells that they are going to get hitched and he ought to be aware of Tanisha’s decisions. He expresses that they can advance by remaining together, while Faltu concurs about it.

Precap:- Rijula reminds Faltu about going for the cricket match, while she demands to see Ayaan’s haldi prior to leaving. While, around then Pappi gets inside Mittals house by masking himself. He decides to grab Faltu and declares to remove her from that point. He attempts to find the last option while Faltu strolls around being uninformed about the danger.

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