Faltu 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 14th December 2022

Episode begins with Tanisha standing firm for Faltu. She declares that the last option has helped her multiple times and, surprisingly, made blossom jewelleries for her, when she blew up with her haldi look. She lauds Faltu’s ability, while Kanika likewise comes there and concurs with her little girl. She expresses gratitude toward Faltu for being their for themselves and saving Tanisha’s life. While, Faltu gets profound and says that she simply believe that they should be blissful and petitions God for their prosperity. Around then Janardan request that she stop and reminds them about the haldi function.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Here, Kinsukh prods Janardan with Kanika while Savita frowns at her significant other. Everybody snickers at the circumstance, while Rijula approaches and guarantees Janardan that she will remove Faltu from that point and ask him not to get stressed. He shows the brush off to her while she takes Faltu alongside herself.Janardan and Govind sees the cooks wandering around the scene and inquire as to whether they have arranged the food. Pappi denies while Janardan chastens them and shows his failure towards Govind for recruiting them. The last option apologizes to Janardan and says that he simply needed to do best for Ayaan yet the cooks obliterated his expectations.


Elsewhere, Pappi gets an arrangement and request that Govind give a partner to him. He broadcasts that he really want somebody who can prepare Rajasthani food, so it will be help for them. Janardan gets helped to remember Faltu and states that she is additionally from Rajasthan. He request that Govind ask her for help and afterward leaves from that point, while Pappi grins as his arrangement gets successful.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Rijula and Alok attempts to leave the scene alongside Faltu, to take her to the match field. They were going to get inside the vehicle, when Pappi alongside Govind comes there. The last option ask Rijula not to pass on alongside Faltu and counsel to address the matter with Janardan. He demands her not to fly off the handle with him, while the last option answers chuckles expressing that she isn’t leaving in anger.

Ahead, Rijula concocts a rationalization that they are going to her home to bring a few jewelleries and dresses which they neglected. Govind enlightens Faltu regarding the issue and request that she stay to help the caterers. Alok states that they can call different aides, while Rijula broadcasts that the caterer should know a few partners. Pappi lies that it will require investment for his aides to come from Rajasthan and states that they need more time.

Govind joins his hands before Faltu and demands her to help them. The last option concurs while Rijula gets stressed. In the mean time, everybody begins applying haldi to Tanisha and Kanika gets close to home. In the mean time, Sid tells about his arrangement for the party and broadcasts that Ayaan couldn’t ready to go to it according to the custom. He then sneers pondering his arrangement to take Tanisha and Faltu together to the party.

Further, Faltu begins cooking and guides the staffs. She request that they cook quick while the staffs attempts to caution her with respect to Pappi. In any case, around then the last option comes there and scowls at the staffs. In the mean time, Pappi draws out the choloform tissue and attempts to steal Faltu. She remembers him to be Pappi and attempts to save herself. In the interim, Ayaan clicks pictures with his family, while Rijula educates him concerning the problem.

Precap:- Ayaan becomes strained about Faltu and sits being miserable. Rijula comes there and get some information about the last option. She announces that Faltu should battle for herself to get by. He announces that both Faltu and Rijula doesn’t grasp his anxiety. She questions that why he stresses over Faltu to such an extent? To which he answers that he is worried for her. Rijula defies him while he was going to tell that he care deeply about Faltu however at that point quits understanding his words.

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