Faltu 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 15th December 2022

Episode begins with Pappi uncovering his character before Faltu. She gets stunned after seeing him being veiled as the caterer and quickly attempts to take off from that point. He helps hold of Faltu and hauls her back through her hair. She shouts in torment however he ignores it and broadcasts to get his payback from her. He draws out his hanky loaded up with chloroform and attempts to make Faltu smell it powerfully. He decides to grab her and returns her to Ittarpur. She battles with him and battles to free herself. In the mean time, she some way or another gets effective in pushing him back and emerges from his grip.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Here, Faltu beats Pappi with every one of the stuffs keeping before her. He tumbles down and recoils in torment. She pays no benevolence to him and starts beating him blue and dark. She reviews every one of the issues she went through due to Pappi and attacks him. She spills her resentment out by beating him persistently with anything thing she gets hold of. Though, Pappi cautions her however she reprimands him for attempting to demolish her life.Faltu sees a rope and expresses that she won’t allow Pappi to ruin Ayaan’s haldi function. She attaches him with the rope firmly and goes inside to inform Ayaan in regards to it. In the interim, Siddharth converses with the client and guarantees him in regards to his undertaking. He sees Faltu in strained state and get some information about the matter. She sees him and afterward shares her problem.


Elsewhere, Siddharth obliges Faltu to see the offender. He turns Pappi and becomes stunned after seeing him. He ask Faltu that how Pappi came there, to which she ask that how he knows him? Sid gets stressed and afterward concocts a rationalization that he have seen Pappi when he came to make wreck in their home and requested to take Faltu alongside him.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Faltu goes to illuminate Ayaan about it and leaves Sid alongside Pappi. He promptly faces Pappi and ask that what he is doing there? He admonishes the last option for his lemon plan, to which Pappi compromises Sid to uncover him before his family in the event that he doesn’t let him disappear from there.

Ahead, Faltu surges inside Ayaan’s room and tells about the matter. Rijula and Ayaan gets stunned and promptly goes to beware of Pappi. They becomes dumbstruck after seeing Sid restricted with the rope. They helps him while he lies that the rope was free and Pappi went after him. He proceeds with that the last tied him and took off. Though, Faltu shows her anxiety towards Sid, while he gets blazes of how he assisted Pappi with taking off from there.

Savita gives Jewelleries to Tanisha while the last option gets cheerful and values her mother by marriage’s decision. She shows it to Kanika yet the last option ignores as she was occupied with her work. Tanisha says that her reasoning coordinates with Savita, while Janardan comes there around then. Kanika states that she need to go to go to the young ladies cricket match and uncovers a news to them. Janardan gets disheartened with her choice, while she attempts to make sense of it for him.

Further, Ayaan shows his anxiety towards Faltu and afterward request that she go to the match. Dadi stops Rijula and request that she come for certain ceremonies. Faltu chooses to go all alone and at any rate persuades Ayaan. She takes an auto and starts going towards the scene. Though, Ayaan shows his concern towards Faltu while Rijula faces him about his affections for the last option. He conceals his actual sentiments even from himself and states that when Faltu will get chosen in the group, he will quit being worried for her. Though, he likewise gets stressed believing that how Janardan will arrive at in the wake of finding about his lie.

Precap:- Kanika goes to the young ladies cricket choice coordinate and afterward gets stunned seeing Faltu alongside the cricket pack. She shows Faltu to her administrator and request that Shukla track down each insight concerning her. She question about the justification for Faltu’s presence, while the last option answers that she is there to play the cricket to get chosen in the group. Though, Kanika gets dubious and gazes at Faltu.

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