Faltu 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 16th December 2022

Episode begins with Faltu arriving at the ladies’ cricket affiliation club for the preliminary match. She shows her appreciation towards the auto driver, while he wishes her karma for the match. He guarantees that she will perform well. In the mean time, she advances toward the field and contacts it’s dirt. She reviews the uplifting expressions of Ayaan and decides to do right by him. While, she likewise recalls her folks and request that they keep their favors upon her. She gets energized as well as apprehensive and moves towards the entry. She runs with Anu Bhatia while the last option reprimands Faltu for stepping on her shoes.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Here, Anu begins embarrassing Faltu and furthermore attacks her. Everybody accumulates around them while Faltu gives her a befitting answer. The last option gets irate at Faltu and broadcasts that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what her identity is, Faltu states that she couldn’t care less about her and request that she figure out how to appropriately act. Anu was going to slap Faltu however the last option holds her hand and stops her.Anu looses her quiet and disappears from that point. While, a young lady comes towards Faltu and states that she have done a slip-up by getting into a contention with Anu Bhatia. She tells that the last option is more youthful sister of the renowned cricket player Sheetal Bhatia. Around then the last option comes there while Faltu inquiries concerning her.


Elsewhere, the young lady tells Faltu that Sheetal Bhatia is the renowned cricket who plays in the Indian ladies cricket crew. She tells that she have the most noteworthy scores in cricket match and is quite possibly of the best player. In the interim, Sheetal goes towards Anu and removes her from the line. She announces that her sister won’t remain alongside other typical young ladies and request that she exploit her privilege.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Faltu gets stressed and appeals to God for her choice. While, she stand on the line and a young lady attempts to have her spot. Faltu grins and shows her a thing or two. While, the staff ask Faltu for her personality evidence and everybody giggles paying attention to her name. The staff likewise ridicules her while she sees his name and expresses that he personally has a bizarre name Popat. He says that he won’t play for Indian cricket like her.

Ahead, Faltu spurs herself and stands firm for her before everybody. Though, Kanika comes there and signs the reports. Sheetal meets her and tells about her sister. Kanika orders the supervisor to choose Anu for the group without making a decision about her exhibition. She then, at that point, murmurs to Sheetal about their arrangement to advance her image while the last agrees.

Kanika was going to leave when she sees Faltu and gets stunned. She reviews every one of the claims of Pappi on Faltu and becomes dubious about her and Ayaan’s relationship. She decides to find about reality and eliminates Faltu’s name from the opposition. The director request that Faltu leave while she gets stunned and stands firm for her rights.

Further, Sid examine about the party with his cousins. They additionally plans to take Faltu yet Ayaan denies. In the interim, Tanisha guarantees to persuade him. Though, Ayaan gets stressed for Faltu and request that Rijula call her. He expresses that he need to caution the last option about Kanika being there. Rijula gets stunned finding out about it, while Ayaan says that Faltu must watch out. Around then Kanika comes there and goes up against him.

Precap:- Kanika defies Faltu and ask that when she took off from her family, she probably thought something about her future. That’s what she questions if she has any desire to finish some work, satisfy her fantasy or needs to play some game. She in a roundabout way attempts to hear reality from Faltu, while the last option checks her out. In the interim, Ayaan talk about with Rijula that they aren’t even mindful of the results they will confront when reality will come out.

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