Faltu 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 17th December 2022

Episode begins with Ayaan becoming stressed over Faltu. He imparts his concern to Rijula and request that she call Faltu, to track down about her whereabouts. She request that he quiet down and guarantees that the last option will be fine. She declares that it is Faltu’s test and let her battle for it. She guarantees Ayaan that Faltu can deal with the circumstance and request that he center around his life all things being equal. He tells about his concern and inform that Kanika has turned into the leader of ladies’ cricket crew. Rijula gets stunned tracking down about it, while Ayaan states that they need to caution Faltu before she encounters Kanika.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Here, Ayaan shows his strain expressing that on the off chance that Kanika sees Faltu, they will cause problems. He additionally broadcasts that in the event that reality will get uncovered, they even don’t have any idea what results they should bear. Rijula attempts to call Faltu however she continues to cut it. She inform Ayaan about it while he gets frustrated.At that opportunity Kanika arrives inside Ayaan’s room and inquiries concerning the matter. She ask that who isn’t picking the call? To which Ayaan gets stunned. Rijula approaches to help Ayaan and lies that the last option is getting anxious to converse with Tanisha. She broadcasts that she caused him to comprehend that after marriage Tanisha may be his, however he is as yet resolute to have a discussion with her.


Elsewhere, Kanika states that she came there to meet Faltu. She asl Rijula about the last option as the two of them has a similar room. She attempts to make them spill reality, however Rijula continue to express lies to save Faltu from Kanika. The last option frowns at Rijula and imagines that they she alongside Ayaan are attempting to conceal reality with regards to Faltu. She reasons that they is familiar with Faltu’s preliminary match.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Kanika continues to examine Ayaan and Rijula while they gets stressed yet denies to come clean. She was going to go from that point, when Ayaan stops her and says that he is glad that she turned into the leader of the ladies’ cricket club. That’s what she questions assuming he is familiar with it? To which he answers decidedly. He broadcasts that she will definitely assist the young ladies with sustaining and will fabricate their character to sparkle as a player.

Ahead, Kanika notices Ayaan and states that unexpectedly his advantage in cricket begins getting increment. He denies about it and again salutes her before she leaves from that point. In the mean time, Faltu gets a call from her dad and she tell him about the matter. He energizes her while she gets profound pondering her loved ones. In the mean time, Kanika meets Faltu and begins addressing her.

Faltu reviews the flashback when she met Rijula and the last option request that she lie to Kanika. Faltu adheres to Rijula’s directions while Kanika gets dubious and states that they are attempting to conceal something significant from her. She gets stressed believing that the charges of Pappi was right against Ayaan. She decides to track down about reality, while Tanisha gets into a call discussion with Ayaan. Kanika hears their discussion and afterward questions Tanisha about Ayaan while she answers that she is getting late for the party and goes away.

Further, Rijula enlightens Ayaan regarding the inquiries posed by Kanika to Faltu. She says that something is off-base, while Ayaan broadcasts that Kanika is attempting to track down something as it’s not her temperament to attack somebody’s very own life. He gets stressed and continues to thoroughly consider the matter. He additionally declares to come clean to everybody, when Faltu get chosen in the preliminary match. In the interim, the adolescents deceives the relatives for going to the club, while they prods them as they definitely is familiar with it. In the mean time, Faltu additionally goes along with them and everybody gets astonished after seeing her in western dress.

Precap:- Tanisha stands up to Ayaan that in the event that Faltu was only his companion, why he hided reality from her? She broadcasts that he wedded her yet based on lie. In the mean time, Ayaan helps Faltu in gathering her sack and tells that he began seeing himself on her. He broadcasts that he wanted to satisfy his fantasies by means of her and have considered a similar enthusiasm to be his in her. He expresses that he began loosing his family in view of her thus he can’t face challenge of harming them any longer. While, Faltu says that he came as an expectation in her life, yet she obliterated his relationship with his loved ones. She takes the ticket from Ayaan and disappears from there.

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