Faltu 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 19th December 2022

Episode begins with Tanisha getting energized for the party. She comes down the stairs alongside others and misleads the elderly folks that they are going to the recreation area. Savita and Dadi prods them and uncovers that they are familiar reality. Sumitra likewise announces that they know about their arrangement and request that they appreciate in the club. While, around then Faltu likewise comes there wearing a western dress. Everybody gets entranced seeing her and commendations the last option. Tanisha declares that she realized Faltu would great search in it, though the last option answers that she is feeling cold and states that the dress is so little and uncomfortable.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Here, Tanisha guarantees her that everybody wears such dresses in the club and guarantees that she will become acclimated to it. Others consents to Tanisha, while Siddharth additionally ask her not to change her arrangement. He ponders his ploy and decides to take Faltu alongside them. In the interim, Faltu takes a gander at Dadi and demands her to let her stay.Dadi consents to Faltu and broadcasts that they all should pay attention to her. Tanisha flies off the handle and request that Dadi let Faltu go with them. Dadi goes towards Faltu and prevents Tanisha from mentioning. She announces that she won’t adjust her perspective and request that everybody acknowledge what she says. Tanisha and others gets miserable, while Siddharth begins stressing over his arrangement. He believes that Dadi will ruin his game.


Elsewhere, Dadi takes a gander at Faltu and praises her that she is really looking lovely. She additionally request that she oblige the young people and partake in the party. Tanisha and Suhanna gets happy and ask Faltu that presently even Dadi has additionally given the authorization and broadcasts that now she can’t backout. Faltu ask that what she will do in the club, to which Tanisha guarantees that she will be with her.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Tanisha get some information about the matter and demands her to show up with them. Faltu gets into problem, while Siddharth gets a thought and purposefully says that they shouldn’t drive Faltu if she would rather not come. He declares that they will likewise remain with her in their home and have a good time. Everybody gets miserable however consents to his idea.

Ahead, Tanisha says that the party plan is dropped, while which Faltu feels terrible for themselves lastly consents to go to the club. Everybody gets invigorated and arrives at the club. While, Kanika frowns at Faltu and decides to bring her reality out before everybody. She expresses that she can’t let the last option fool them any longer. She calls somebody and get some information about the historical backdrop of Faltu. He advise that she took off from Ittarpur and furthermore tells that Ayaan has given 1 lakh rupees to his representative to help Faltu and her family.

Kanika gets stunned finding about Ayaan’s contribution and reviews the falsehood he has shared with them. She gets angry and chooses to uncover them. Though, Faltu gets dumbstruck seeing the club while a person moves toward her for dance yet she denies. She gets stressed while everybody request that she have a ball. In the mean time, Siddharth comes to Faltu and request that she have some juice.

Further, Siddharth causes Faltu to polish off the spiked beverage and the last option gets inebriated. She moves while others gets shocked seeing her secret side. He then, at that point, chose to play truth and dare and request that Faltu educate exhaustively concerning her excursion from Ittarpur to Mumbai. He likewise get some information about the contribution of Ayaan. Tanisha prevents Siddharth from including Ayaan and says that they trust him, yet Faltu begins recounting her story. She inform how she have dealt with every one of the issues of being a young lady, while Sid inquire as to whether Ayaan helped her to which she answers decidedly. He gets thrilled expressing that his arrangement becomes fulfilled.

Precap:- Tanisha faces Ayaan that in the event that Faltu was only his companion, why he hided reality from her? She announces that he wedded her yet based on lie. In the mean time, Ayaan helps Faltu in gathering her pack and tells that he began seeing himself on her. He declares that he wanted to satisfy his fantasies through her and have considered a similar enthusiasm to be his in her. He expresses that he began loosing his family in view of her thus he can’t face challenge of harming them any longer. Though, Faltu says that he came as an expectation in her life, however she obliterated his relationship with his loved ones. She takes the ticket from Ayaan and disappears from there.

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