Guppedantha Manasu 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Jagathi imparting to Mahindra that she encouraged Vasudhara to go to her town. Mahindra asks what’s the best requirement for it. Jagathi says it’s required and we really want to ponder how to get Rishi and Vasudhara wedded. Mahindra concurs. Later in the gathering, Rishi lets his staff know that their main goal training program is effective and different states need to carry out it. He requests that Phaneedra talk. Phaneedra requests that Vasudhara mail the mission training project to the schooling priests of different states who reached them. He says our pastor is content with the reaction and he maintains that us should carry out it right away. Rishi says they can begin the work once Jagathi gets back to school. Rishi thanks all and requests that they work fastly.

Written Update Guppedantha Manasu Today Episode

The teacher asks one more instructor for what reason Jagathi isn’t coming to school. Another speaker says the principles are for them not for Jagathi as she is in the group of Rishi and Mahindra. Addresses discuss Jagathi and say Jagathi isn’t doing anything with the exception of giving ideas for mission training and even we can make it happen and for that, she is getting heaps of respect.Vasudhara hears their discussion. She stops them to talk in like that and says Jagathi is a virtuoso and she met with a mishap that is the reason she isn’t coming to school and it’s not habits to chatter about the individual when she hasn’t arrived. Vasudhara says I didn’t hear your total conversation however I can know it. Teacher asks how might she talk with them without paying attention to their total talk. Vasudhara says Priest is the person who gave this situation to Jagathi and I’m attempting to clarify for you folks that Jagathi is a virtuoso. They caution Vasudhara to act like an understudy. They examine Vasudhara acting in this manner seeing Rishi’s help. They leave.

Guppedantha Manasu

Rishi gives tablets to Mahindra. He reminds him to take it subsequent to having lunch. Phaneedra acclaims his consideration. Rishi says Mahindra failed to remember his prescriptions at home. Phaneedra requests that Mahindra deal with his wellbeing. Mahindra says Rishi is there for him. The partner kid comes there and says the carriage is prepared. Rishi requests that he place it in the eating corridor. He requests that he call Vasudhara for lunch. Aide kid concurs. Phaneedra says it’s great assuming they present new courses. Rishi concurs and asjs Mahindra to think with Jagathi. That time Rishi accepts Pastor’s call. Rishi goes to the call. The pastor requests that Rishi meet him once. Rishi concurs. The assistant kid comes there and says Vasudhara is no place. Rishi thinks he knows where she can be. He goes to meet her.

Guppedantha Manasu Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

In the study hall, Vasudhara reviews her minutes with Rishi and grins. Rishi comes there. Vasudhara asks how he realizes that she is here. Rishi says he is familiar with her. He inquires as to why she looks dull and requests that she share with him what’s upsetting her. Vasudhara says she is recalling their minutes in the homeroom. Rishi says you came here to comfort yourself from torment so let me know what’s the fundamental issue. Vasudhara inquires as to whether he feels she is acting intersection her cutoff points. Rishi inquires as to why she is thinking along these lines. Vasudhara says others are questioning me so I got question. Rishi requests that she not change herself contemplating others’ viewpoints when she knows herself accurately. Rishi requests that she go with her to meet Priest. Vasudhara agrees.

The speakers come to Rishi’s home to meet Jagathi. Devayani invites them and keeping in mind that conversing with them she learns they could do without Vasudhara like her. Addresses acclaim Devayani. Devayani takes their telephone numbers. Dharani thinks Devayani is intending to utilize them. Devayani calls Dharani and requests that she take them to Jagathi’s room and she advises her to give them a return gift while they are leaving. Dharani agrees.

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