Guppedantha Manasu 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Rishi asking Vasudhara for what valid reason she requested that he stop the vehicle. Vasudhara says panipuri is great so how about we appreciate it. Rishi concurs. Vasudhara orders numerous things. Rishi says she can’t eat those numerous things. Vasudhara arranges just Panipuri. She advises Rishi how to eat it. Rishi says he knows. She asks how’s it. He says it’s benefit. Vasudhara grins reviewing their previous second. Rishi asks what occurred. Vasudhara says she reviewed their past encounter.

Written Update Guppedantha Manasu Today Episode

Rishi inquires as to whether it’s about the Coconut occurrence. Vasudhara asks how he got it accurately. Rishi says her knowledge expanded subsequent to meeting her. Panipuri seller asks when they will wed. Rishi and Vasudhara get shocked. Rishi asks how he asked it. The merchant says it’s noticeable that you will be a couple. Vasudhara expresses gratitude toward him and says Panipuri is great. The merchant requests that they call him to their marriage. He tells he will put a panipuri slow down in their marriage. Rishi says ok.While leaving, Rishi stops Vasudhara and advises her that they need to ponder their marriage. He says he will converse with Devayani. Vasudhara looks agitated. Rishi inquires as to whether she recalls her awful minutes before. He says he is certain that she is adequately valiant to cause her family to consent to their marriage. Vasudhara says don’t have the foggiest idea what to discuss my maternal house, My father is great in everything with the exception of my examinations and my mother can’t conflict with my father yet she gave us fortitude which assisted me with getting away from my marriage. Vasudhara says my 2 siblings parents in law demolished our family that is the reason my mother send me to satisfy my dreams.

Guppedantha Manasu

Vasudhara says with assistance of you and Jagathi I satisfied my half dream and my father broke the cup which I won yet he can’t break my future as I choose it. Vasudhara requests that he tell her how she can make her family concur. She says she can’t address his inquiry now. Rishi gives her a hanky. Vasudhara sees it’s the hanky she gave him. She will not utilize it. Rishi wipes her tears without anyone else. Rishi tells Vasudhara that he wouldn’t permit his recollections with her to be stained. Vasudhara embraces Rishi hearing this.

Guppedantha Manasu Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Rishi visits the priest. Serve says he called him to discuss Mission schooling. Serve gets some information about the prosperity of Jagathi and Mahindra. Rishi says they are fine. Serve says Jagathi shared with him that Jagathi can’t go on as Mission training head because of wellbeing reasons. Serve says Jagathi suggests Vasudhara for her situation. Vasudhara says to Clergyman that she assumes she isn’t prepared for the gig. Rishi asks Vasudhara not to talk and says Vasudhara will do it with Jagathi’s direction. Jagathi lets the teachers know that Vasudhara will supplant her as mission training head.

Phaneendra and Mahindra attempt to persuade Vasudhara to accept the occupation as mission instruction head. Vasudhara thinks she actually can’t supplant Jagathi lady’s situation. Rishi likewise requests that Vasudhara concur with everyone.

Vasudhara comes and grumbles to Jagathi that she can’t take this work and says Rishi is additionally supporting her to take the work. Jagathi tells Vasudhara that she believes that Vasudhara can improve than her. Vasudhara receives a message from Rishi. Jagathi asks Vasudhara to go.

Vasudhara comes higher up. Vasudhara gets stressed as Rishi unexpectedly appeared suddenly. Vasudhara grumblings about it. Vasudhara says she is as of now stressed. Rishi says there is no requirement for her to fear until he is here. Rishi says she ought to likewise invest energy with him. Vasudhara asks Rishi for what good reason? Rishi says he feels like his breath is removed when she isn’t with him.

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