Guppedantha Manasu 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Devayani telling teachers she won not Vasudhara as Rishi believes that Vasudhara should be the mission training head and I cause him to accept that I can do anything for him by making Vasudhara win the democratic yet I did what I needed to do. The speaker says it’s anything but a cheerful second so that them might see Vasudhara in the group head position. Devayani says she will go after Vasudhara when the opportunity arrives and she requests that speakers update her at whatever point Vasudhara does mistakes.

Written Update Guppedantha Manasu Today Episode

Jagathi available to come in to work praises Vasudhara. Vasudhara says it’s a triumph of you and Rishi sir as you folks are behind my prosperity. Jagathi says it’s your ability. Vasudhara says many individuals attempted to overcome her. Jagathi says she knows and Devayani made you win to acquire Rishi’s trust and don’t contemplate them and take care of your responsibilities on time. Vasudhara concurs. That opportunity teachers come there.Vasudhara cuts the call. The teachers share with Vasudhara that they came to compliment her. They kill Vasudhara’s personality. Vasudhara gets injured and requests that they stop. The instructor says Vasudhara is accomplishing a decent situation by catching Rishi. Vasudhara requests that they stop. Another lady says they are living respectively. Vasudhara cautions them to leave out of frustration. Addresses say they are expressing realities and leave taunting her prosperity. Vasudhara feels insulted.

Guppedantha Manasu

Ok the way, Vasudhara reviews how Teachers offended her. In the school Rishi looks for Vasudhara and gets some information about her. Mahindra says he saw her going out. Rishi figures Vasudhara might return home to praise her prosperity with Jagathi. On another side, Vasudhara cries in Jagathi’s lap and sympathizes with her aggravation. Jagathi says it’s Devayani’s work. Devayani comes there and says they look great together. Jagathi requests that she not hurt Vasudhara more.

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Devayani tells Vasudhara that she never figured she won’t ever be here. Devayani says she didn’t realize she will have no disgrace to come here in the future. Jagathi requests that Devayani talk amiably. Devayani discusses Vasudhara. Vasudhara says she knows her cutoff points. Devayani gets some information about limits with her. Devayani insults Vasudhara and says she additionally needs to have dread to have development in her life.

Devayani shares with Vasudhara not to underrate her. Vasudhara asks Devayani what is Devayani’s concern with her approaching to this house. Devayani asks Vasudhara what right does she need to arrive at this house constantly? Devayani says the entire world will pose this inquiry then the thing will be her response? Vasudhara says she will answer all to her inquiries soon. Devayani inquires as to whether she is testing her. Vasudhara says she can think anyway she loves and leaves from there.

Rishi purchases a bouquet for Vasudhara. Devayani calls Dharani. Dharani comes and inquires as to whether she needs espresso. Devayani says no and requests that she sit down.

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